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*** If you have any information that may lead to this case being solved, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 615-744-4000***


If there is anyone who can tell me a little about Robert Gibson Jr. and his activities around the time that Trenny disappeared (May-October 1976) please contact me via this site.   You can be anonymous. 


12.04.2022 20:23


The person that had injuries was male. Trenny’s parents reported that there was some jealousy towards Trenny, I presume by both male/female. There was teasing/bullying from Bowman.

12.04.2022 18:50


Have you ever been able to get insight into Brother Bob’s thoughts on what happened. It seems clear their was contact b/w Bob & RS after. Did Bob suspect RS or Bowman. Did he ? Either?

12.04.2022 20:19


Bob suspected both Simpson and Bowman. Unfortunately, Bob passed away in 2000, so I wasn’t able to interview him to find out more.

12.04.2022 18:57


Also, are you able to clarify the gender of the student from the field trip that had injuries after? Was there any animosity w/ any female classmates/bullying/mean girls etc?

13.06.2021 17:19

Dr Ahmed Abdelfattah

Thanks for your great effort to bring justice to Trenny

06.07.2020 21:59

carol miller

If another girl has Trenny jewelry and not tell how she got it, why wouldn’t her parents call police to question that girl?

06.07.2020 22:54


The police were told exactly who had it, nothing came of it. It was explained away by Trenny giving away her belongings for safekeeping, because she was taking off from the Park that day.

25.05.2019 02:34


Tell me it was just a dream. 10/08/76 3:15

27.03.2019 00:40


Just listened to this story on the generation why podcast. Thank you for pushing thy guys to cover it! 👍🏻

27.03.2019 01:56


You bet. Be sure to listen to “The Trail Went Cold”, as well. Trenny was their 100th episode in November 2018.

11.06.2018 23:16


I hope more information becomes available on Trenny's case. Great to have a new site, tho

11.06.2018 23:08


So nice to see a site devoted to this case, hard to believe that's it's still unsolved.