Trenny in ninth grade, 1974

Missing Person: Trenny Lynn Gibson

This site is dedicated to Trenny, her family, to anyone who helped search for her, and to anyone who ever wondered about what may have happened to her.  45 years is a long time to be left not knowing. 


Trenny Gibson vanished from the Great Smoky Mountains on October 8, 1976 while on a field trip with her high school.  She hasn't been seen since.


Missing Since: October 8, 1976 from The Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Tennessee.

Classification: Lost/Injured Missing

Date of Birth: August 17, 1960

Age at time of disappearance: 16 years old

Height and Weight: 5' 3", 115 lbs

Distinguishing Characteristices: Caucasian Female, brown hair, green eyes.

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue blouse, a blue and white striped sweater, a borrowed brown plaid heavy jacket, blue jeans, blue Adidas shoes and a diamond and star sapphire ring.

Trenny Lynn Gibson

Trenny's junior photo, taken the day before she disappeared.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 1976. This is what the entrance sign looked like when Trenny visited the Park that day.

Hollow tree in GSMNP

Comb trees near Clingman’s Dome


From childhood’s hour I have not been 

As others were—I have not seen 

As others saw—I could not bring 

My passions from a common spring— 

From the same source I have not taken 

My sorrow—I could not awaken 

My heart to joy at the same tone— 

And all I lov’d—I lov’d alone— 

Then—in my childhood—in the dawn 

Of a most stormy life—was drawn 

From ev’ry depth of good and ill 

The mystery which binds me still— 

From the torrent, or the fountain— 

From the red cliff of the mountain— 

From the sun that ’round me roll’d 

In its autumn tint of gold— 

From the lightning in the sky 

As it pass’d me flying by— 

From the thunder, and the storm— 

And the cloud that took the form 

(When the rest of Heaven was blue) 

Of a demon in my view—

   -Edgar Allan Poe

"Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass,

of glory in the flower. 

We will grieve not, rather find

Strength in what remains behind."



29.10.2022 23:05


There have been multiple disappearances in this General area near the Tenn NC border. Dennis Martin Trenny Gibson, Thelma Pauline Melton and just recently Mitzie Sue Clement

03.10.2022 09:56


Wasn't there a map found, that was drawn by fellow classmate.

01.09.2022 13:10


It reminds me of another disappearance with a secret. Amelia Earhart, ran out of gas and ditched in the Pacific Ocean. When evidence claims different.

31.07.2022 21:15


So, the point being .That she was possibly abducted. And there was a reason why. Not no sunny California.

30.07.2022 15:52


Was this a crash & sink,or a path of Hydra. A Eddie Wilson, escaping the Palace of Depression, or looking for the lost city of Z. Was she a Naiads looking for Living Island.

18.07.2022 03:23


Important question: Does anyone know exact geographical coordinates of where Trenny was last seen by trail or is there a marker? Appreciate assistance in this matter!

30.06.2022 13:25


Point being, she was or thought she was in good company.

30.06.2022 04:52


Looks can be deceiving but when she made a loop around the observation tower.Looks like she started in the parking lot, but wondering if someone with her didn't want to be seen.

30.06.2022 01:40


True, makes you wonder? If your thesis, if from the internet map. I assume that's the scent trail the search dog's followed.

30.06.2022 01:25


From the point she left the trail to the road, from the couple that was at rest when Trenny was observed stepping off the trail was someone she knew. She never would've stepped off for a stranger.

22.06.2022 18:15


Would be interesting if she's in the wood's behind where they lived on White Tower.

18.07.2022 03:24


Where who lived please? Thanks!

23.05.2022 03:52


Has anyone ever thought of going to the trail on or around the 8th of October and having a memorial walk in honor of Trenny? I think it would really be appropriate for her classmates.

07.05.2022 00:53

Meghan Donovan

My brother was on this school trip. Supposedly at the time several students were under the impression that she went to NC border to meet someone who was picking her up in a car.

23.04.2022 20:37

Teresa Lynn Jones

Was the teacher ever a suspect? He knew the area. Would have easily been able to lure her away without a struggle. Would explain the jewelry showing up if he kept as souvenirs and later given away.

11.04.2022 08:10


RS probably vowed to his Dad he would never divulge any details. His Father has passed away now but he’s going to keep his promise. That makes me wonder if his Dad was involved w/disposing of body.

01.04.2022 21:14


Reasoning would be that he should've stalked after the over ravenous sexual Squatch than the bear. He might've got lucky.

01.04.2022 21:02


Rumour was he did get the coat back. That's where the comb that was found came from.

01.04.2022 20:56


Witnesses claimed she was. It's also stated in the report.

01.04.2022 05:06


I find my theories & feelings change on this story. Right now I am seeing Simpson as possibly The Fall Guy on this … wish he would clear his name if that’s the case!

01.04.2022 20:55

Phil Bey

Agree with Mod that RS knows what happened, but in his defense, he could've helped guide her to CD Rd. for her get-away. TG leaving personal items to mates before starting a new life is possible.

01.04.2022 14:59


Simpson definitely knew more than he told about what happened that day, but had kept relatively mum on the subject. I agree, if he could clear his name, he ought to do such!

30.03.2022 23:26

Phil Bey

Mellinger Death Ridge clue is pure nonsense to me and way too physically difficult to pull off. Even moving her body to Tremont sounds like a diversion. This case reminds me of movie River's Edge.

01.04.2022 15:10


Moving a body=burden, but if you have the assistance and could perhaps wait until the area is clear of searchers, then it’s possible. Or if you had an in with someone who owned property in the Park.

30.03.2022 23:17

Phil Bey

If she did happen to run away, I'd check into co-workers from the buffet where she worked. I still think it's foul play.

01.04.2022 20:34

Phil Bey

Very little private property in GSMNP. Scent dogs would've tracked to foul play spot, but body could've been rolled off a cliff. Easier to bury either in Noland (likely) or Forney Creek ravines.

30.03.2022 23:08

Phil Bey

Simpson and/or Bowman are my top suspects, but the student who had undisclosed injuries also raises suspicion.

30.03.2022 23:02

Phil Bey

If Robt. Simpson stayed behind at Andrews Bald as Trenny G. headed back to the bus, then he would've also passed those intermittent groups heading back. Witnesses?

01.04.2022 15:12


Depends when he left the Bald. Witnesses do not recall seeing him along the trail, he was among the last to reach the bus.

30.03.2022 22:57

Philip S Bey

Kelvin Bowman could have been a convenient patsy. The break-in a year earlier, behavioral issues at school, the threats against the Gibson family. Kelvin Bowman would have been spotted at the park.

01.04.2022 20:46

Phil Bey

Did those who claimed to see her on the trek back to the bus recall seeing her wearing RS's oversized jacket? RS catching up off-trail could've prompted "tracking a bear" excuse.

24.03.2022 17:17

Gary 7

Was wondering,Trennys brother Robert Jr was home at that time. Wonder where he was? Interesting to know his where abouts.

25.03.2022 13:47


Can not verify Bob Gibson’s whereabouts on the day Trenny disappeared. Only know that he arrived home that Wednesday (October 6) on leave from the Navy after being away since July of that year.

15.03.2022 21:21


It was theorized that she might've got confused and taken the wrong trail, like the Appalachian Trail, the dog's did track her to the AT but her scent went back up the road about a quarter of a mile.

15.03.2022 21:11


The search and rescue teams used Blood hounds and German Shepherds. They was even private volunteers that used dog's during the search. All dog team's lost her scent at the road.

10.03.2022 00:58


Are the details on this site actually factual? In the press for this period and 10 years after there are no confirmed reports that dogs could ever pick up a scent. No reports of items found either.

10.03.2022 02:45


The details on this site are taken from the actual NPS search report for Trenny. Several sets of dogs traced her scent and cigarette butts and a half can of beer were discovered. 100% real.

01.03.2022 11:29

Steven Zancker

She just vanished . They looked everywhere. Yes I was on that field trip that day.

01.03.2022 18:13


Wow and thanks for reply. I just learned of this case recently and I would have been a senior then. To me it’s just strange her brother asked Robert to watch out for her that day.

24.02.2022 16:58


Part 2). But that second statement. The sexually hitchhiker, Most likely male. Who was he or she and was they known?

24.02.2022 05:25


Good point, it was rumoured that she was caught in a car with someone. The interesting aspect was her father was the person that discovered this.

24.02.2022 05:18


The location and like of supervision, helped. Was this a planned abduction or a opportunity? But one daunting question was Trenny in some type of trouble dating back during the summer?

18.02.2022 18:06


if you are not writing a book, you should scan everything on here as it seems you are the #1 researcher on this case. also, w/out a map showing the POI, no one can understand this obvious ABDUCTION

08.02.2022 14:37

Steven Zancker

I was there that day

01.03.2022 03:07


I assume you were on the field trip? What do you think happened or do you want to comment?

21.01.2022 04:39


Hey I just read where Robert E Simpson Jr died in Oct so perhaps since “Bobby’s” Daddy is gone maybe he might be more vulnerable to crack. I found the obit on Google. Just trying to help. God bless!

02.11.2021 19:21


He stands alone.

23.10.2021 21:30


The slow reaction time of the teacher, if he'd called the Ranger's when it was first discovered she was missing.

01.10.2021 18:36


I'm sure Trenny wouldn't have step off for just anyone had to been known to her or an authority figure.

30.09.2021 00:14


Following your lead, most likely the jewerly changed ownership at the public restrooms.

29.09.2021 20:50


I'm still looking at the ring and necklace. Was the person that had possession after the fact, was it a trophy or hush money?

29.08.2021 18:24

Knoxville Local

Someone named Terry, or a similar name.

29.08.2021 14:55


Was reading a news paper clip that made a comment that their was two boy friends. Who was the second one?

15.08.2021 12:55


Not sure of the time or even if that matters. But if she made the parking lot with the trip back to Knoxville, if she hit the public restrooms.

15.08.2021 12:43


That most likely was someone waiting to lure her off the trail.

13.08.2021 10:25


that would explain her coming down the mountain, but not leaving the trail.

13.08.2021 01:23


Read a post from another site that Trennys demeanor was of someone that had experienced rape.

07.08.2021 01:22


And someone pried her ring off of her cold finger.

06.08.2021 00:36


Like the comb in his possession, that was most likely in his C P O jacket when get got it back.

03.08.2021 18:15


I've wondered that one too, like a admission of guilt, but trying to pass it off.

03.08.2021 18:06


The issue is her companion. Why would he leave her to go quote chasing or track a bear, when he promised her brother to watch and protect her?

28.07.2021 00:05


True he could've lost another student.

25.07.2021 13:23


The teacher, wish he'd come forward . Enlighten about his decision going towards Collins Gap, a no hike area for the class, and sending a lone student to search the Andrews Bold area alone.

19.07.2021 07:51


The comb was found by her brother Robert Jr, in the car of one of the three.

18.07.2021 12:20


The CPO jacket was most likely ditched. Might be where the comb was and later found in the car.

18.07.2021 10:31


I always wondered about her dog, Mitize.

18.07.2021 10:04


I Remember, those red finger nails.

17.07.2021 19:30


Hi Lara - did any of the other students see Trent wearing Robert’s coat? I just wondered if he needed a reason to explain away his coat missing (because he had to dump it due to blood, etc).

17.07.2021 20:23


Yes, the students that I’ve interviewed remember Trenny wearing Robert’s coat when they last seen her walk ahead on the trail.

16.07.2021 09:54

adrian hagerty

It’s very odd that her class mates had things belonging to her ? Has any one ever chased this up ?

17.07.2021 20:20


Yes, when the Gibson’s heard about it, they alerted the authorities. Both the jewelry and comb were explained away by claiming that Trenny had given them to a fellow student “to hold for her”.

15.07.2021 23:54

Janice Whitman-Vierus

Wondering if the police at the time, bagged the cigarette butts and can of beer? If so, DNA could be ran. Tks

17.07.2021 20:22


I cannot get a direct answer as to to whether or not the beer can and cigarette butts were taken and held as evidence and then tested for DNA/prints.

24.06.2021 13:37


I read that according to people on the bus, they were followed to Clingmans Dome.

23.06.2021 07:54

One step, Two step

And/or to simplify the process, just head to Cades Cove.

22.06.2021 19:08


True, very tough going, but from Collins Gap parking lot you could take US 115 to go down the mountain to the exit for Parsons Branch Road

18.06.2021 18:05

Sherry Jennette

The terrain is very rugged & especially off trail. I’ve backpacked all over the park for the last 50 years & she would not have made it to the proposed locations, ie; Parsons Branch Road, etc…

20.05.2021 12:02

Sand Rat

Wasn't her brother Robert Jr home on leave from the Navy during this time?

06.05.2021 04:21

Lite Foot

The West Prong of The Little Pigeon River coverages with Abrams Creek at the Old Sugarland cemetery.

23.04.2021 16:35


Given the many classmates who heard the story, it wouldn't take much for an investigator to interview all of them and get info. It will boil down to the amount of circumstantial evidence to convict.

09.04.2021 09:48


So, he has the towel and knows where it's at.

09.04.2021 09:37


But could the Hitchhiker be a true person?

22.03.2021 21:13


I'm still working on the classic masterpiece, " The Horny Hitchhiker".

18.03.2021 21:37


After the argument possibly Trenny started walking down the trail to cool off. She was met and pulled off the trail .Trenny didn't swing vegetarian.

08.03.2021 21:20


I remember something like that, they were around the restrooms. Before heading towards the bus.

08.03.2021 18:12


I thought she was with two companions when she dìsappeared.

06.03.2021 18:17

Buck Horn

Could the trap been set and sprung at the public restrooms, example, the jewelry .

02.03.2021 14:05


Also, could a spotter signaled the as mentioned the "capper", her location?.

02.03.2021 04:36


Interesting the step off location, from reading there's a rock located, wondering if the person was a capper "decoy", that got her attention and lead her alongside the road back to the parking lot?

14.02.2021 15:28


I've hiked that trail, thinking of the caller claimed a location of a prong crossing a trail, looking up the Thomas Divide, the Kephart prong trail crosses Kephart creek.

15.02.2021 17:18


There’s a parking area at Deep Creek.

13.02.2021 02:08


My thoughts, was wondering if the Thomas Divide tunnel was used in her disappearance? Would make a great place to regroup or holding spot until the car came to take her out of the park.

21.12.2020 13:07


The teacher served as a Quartermaster in Southeast Asia, was a REMF.

01.12.2020 21:59


I never thought Tree ran away.

28.11.2020 14:35


AMG 60, Speche Deutsch?

26.11.2020 02:09


A young girl with her whole life ahead of her, vanished in a twinkle of an eye, while on a school field trip 44 years ago. She roams the Smokies ever since, on an eternal hike to where we don’t know.

25.11.2020 20:19


isn't there a over flow parking lot at Collins Gap that's associated with her disappearance. The cigarette butts was found.

24.11.2020 04:17


You are all being ridiculous. The washroom story is nothing but a ruse. Trenny goes to the washroom and vanishes, Trenny hands off her jewelry in the washroom. Get your head out of your asses, please!

23.11.2020 09:05


True, I'm betting that's where the jewelry was handed off.

22.11.2020 15:17

Cat Paw

The restrooms are more of a focal point, than where she was said to step off grid.

21.11.2020 20:34


That's the idea of thing's getting real in the public restroom towards the end of the hike.

19.11.2020 13:37


A coworker mentioned this site, I remember the incident. From looking at all posts, and the internet, I see a number game where you have three when there should been four.

06.11.2020 01:02


Also a little further east, the Wildman of the Holston.

02.11.2020 20:46


Remembering a incident that happened sometime around 1974, of a Ranger being attacked around Paint Mountain . The wild Man of the Cataloochee.

31.10.2020 16:46


A argument, wasn't that incident in a clearing, where was the clearing located? Was towards the Bald, or more towards the parking lot?

22.10.2020 21:22


I'm so sorry that Trenny never made it home to her family. This is a tragic story and I feel so bad for Trenny as well as her family - especially her mother. God bless you all...

11.10.2020 14:34


Boo coo dinky dau.

09.10.2020 00:14


Hard to believe, been 44years, seems like yesterday that happened. Strange situation, just into thin air, they claim she ran away, but looks can be deceiving, like she had more than a little help.

09.10.2020 04:26


Rumour has it, she had a tiff with the teacher on the trip. Shortly after it happened, Trenny disappeared. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. The teacher has stayed silent all of these years.

09.09.2020 21:44


Usually when someone goes missing, they have help.

09.09.2020 18:35


When she wandered off the trail, maybe she found the Person's Branch Road and traveled it .

08.09.2020 02:52


From constraining the witnesses and reports, I wonder if this was a conspiracy to make a kidnapping look like a runaway situation, and throw the truth under the bus.

01.09.2020 21:41


Looks as if the field trip was organized by FNG.

30.08.2020 16:22


Was watching the YouTube video that mentioned Trenny enjoyed listening to Jethro Tull, I heard see listened to Joan Jett and The Runaways.

30.08.2020 11:58


And another Post Loss, was the jewelry, plus the reported questionable foot prints.

30.08.2020 09:58


Like the coat, according to the statements she was wearing when went missing, but also has been mention the coat was returned, the source of the comb surfacing.

26.08.2020 01:34


Jennifer- Read my 2 comments below your first one. The source was a church member. That’s who informed me, and the Gibson family confirmed it as fact. It went nowhere with PD, no crime committed.

23.08.2020 20:01


You've written elsewhere that Trenny's jewelry was found in the possession of a sophomore classmate. What is the source of that info? How was it followed up? Seems mighty suspicious.

26.08.2020 01:24

Jennifer Sullivan

I understand that's what's been written. What is the source of this information? And what do the police say they did about it?

23.08.2020 20:17


The parishioner had her daughter phone the girl with the jewelry and try to get her to tell how she had gotten it,etc. She was evasive but agreed that the right thing to do was return it. She did not.

23.08.2020 20:08


A parishioner of the same church of the Gibson’s was made aware of the jewelry and confronted the person that had it.The Gibson family were informed and they in turn alerted the authorities.

12.08.2020 01:27


Tremont would be a great place, and wonder if it's marked.

05.08.2020 01:16


Plus a white or blue 1963 Chevrolet was seen.

07.08.2020 20:22


With round taillights, one burned out.

03.08.2020 14:48


There was a van in the parking lot with 2 occupants that afternoon.

02.08.2020 13:10


The wolf told the sheep not to trust the sheepdog.

03.08.2020 11:56


Most of the students on that field trip didn’t have a dog in the race.

01.08.2020 19:54


At the time they was a rumor that the FBI was watching Mr. Gibson.

02.08.2020 13:15


Guess that the FBI should have set their sights on someone much younger, a Bob with a different last name for example.

01.08.2020 19:23


wonder if this was a act for street Credibility ?

01.08.2020 20:14


And you don’t mess around with Jim.

01.08.2020 10:12


Getting lost on the trail, a basic doing a 180 turn around, and back to the parking lot.

01.08.2020 10:03


Was Trenny told someone of interest, like her "brother" was waiting for her back down the trail, for her to solo back down the trail to the parking lot?

01.08.2020 20:10


I think it’s very likely that’s the story she was given. To get her to go off eagerly enough and alone. Her brother or a boy she was interested in would have done the trick.

01.08.2020 09:31


Wonder if this was fueled by drugs?

20.07.2020 16:35


Trenny running away, is like Chris McCandless pilgrimage to the magic bus.

19.07.2020 20:13


Do we know what was the reason behind the break-in at the Gibson’s the year before Trenny vanished?

19.07.2020 20:17


Seemed to be sexually motivated. I’d venture to guess that Bowman had a car/driver along hiding back someplace. What did he plan to do, just assault Trenny out in the open on her front lawn?

17.07.2020 21:17


Interesting the dog's tracked her toward's Collins Gap.

16.07.2020 20:41


How far is the rock, from the main road into Clingmans Dome.

16.07.2020 19:39


The weather conditions that day especially the fog helped hide them.

16.07.2020 15:51


The rock, might've been where everything went down.

16.07.2020 19:20


Somebody was watching for her. Who and why remains to be seen. But most of us involved know.

15.07.2020 23:54


I don't think it's a plausible idea that Trenny pawned her jewelry. Given the fact her comb was found with Simpson, it seems like her possessions were taken from her after the fact.

15.07.2020 22:56


From the point she stepped off trail, there's a outcropping of rock's, it's been used as a reference point of Trenny going off grid.

09.07.2020 13:47


from reviewing the NPS and other reports, they is two different statements. One saying Trenny was seen going off trail another states her being last seen going to the restroom.

09.07.2020 19:17


I’ve read both versions too, but I stuck with the one where she went off trail because there were more witnesses and that was the very first version.

08.07.2020 19:29


But Why ? She had money, that was left behind at her house, why pawn her ring and necklace when she had cash.

08.07.2020 16:07


Might've if she was planning on using the money to runaway.

08.07.2020 14:33


could Trenny have sold the ring and necklace.

06.07.2020 03:27


With the location of RT 441 and Asheville NC, could their be a link with Bald Mountain.

05.07.2020 19:24


Where is Simpson today?

30.06.2020 13:53


Could've been a secret plot somewhere in those woods.

25.06.2020 15:39


Most likely build a fort.Fort Muscogee Knoxville.

25.06.2020 13:55


As i remember there was woods behind the house.

24.06.2020 20:21


My question, what could a sixteen year old girl do that would cause such repercussion as this?

25.06.2020 13:44


Who knows what secrets the woods behind 1427 hold?

21.06.2020 18:52


More of a Gary Hilton, the National Forest serial killer. Ole Brad couldn't fiddle around, and got out of the country.

22.06.2020 02:13


Far too many signs point to Trenny knowing who harmed her. She wouldn’t get off the trail for someone she didn’t know. There were no signs of a fight or struggle. No scream or sound.

21.06.2020 10:06


Could Bradford Bishop still been in the park, that incident happened just a several months before her disappearance.

13.06.2020 03:24


He took the hat from my mouth. ''Tell me you love me'', he said. Gently I did. The end came anyway

12.06.2020 10:27

Wrong way Mike

Was a logging camp at the turn of the century, later turn into a resort of the Wonderland Hotel.Would have logging roads and flatbed of railroad line, plus abandon buildings, to Mount Collins.

12.06.2020 01:05


Surprising that no one has mentioned the old trail from Collins Gap to Elkmont. Was this ever searched, does anyone know?

07.06.2020 19:13


The boast of heraldry, the pomp of pow'r,
And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave,
Awaits alike th' inevitable hour.
The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

07.06.2020 10:08


the rock, a few paces from where she step off trail has importance.

06.06.2020 18:27


The jewelry was rumored handed off in the restroom.

02.06.2020 09:29


Rumored that one of two girl's had the jewelry.

04.06.2020 20:15


The one accused wasn’t the one with the jewelry.

01.06.2020 20:37


That was one of the rumors, and how he got possession of the comb.

30.05.2020 11:31


Too bad we don't have it confirmed it was "her" jewelry on another student after the disappearance. Or something like maybe RS having his jacket back. That'd make it very clear what happened.

30.05.2020 12:19


Why would the student admit having it and agree to return it to the family if it wasn’t Trenny’s to start with? And if Trenny just gave it to her, what’s the big secret?

28.05.2020 16:50

Becky West

When Trenny bent down, could Simpson have been to the right and fake warned her that Calvin was ahead on the regular trail and she ran to him for safety, was then taken to Calvin? motive drugs/seX

27.05.2020 14:36

Vicky Vicars

Would love to know your theory.

27.05.2020 14:34

Vicky Vicars

I have followed this case. Trenny would be about my age. I am from East TN but did not know her, as I live in Cleveland. I am torn between two theories- Simpson pushes her over a cliff or a third part

24.05.2020 23:04


Ezekiel 7:7 KJV The morning is come unto thee, O thou that dwellest in the land: the time is come, the day of trouble is near, and not the sounding again of the mountains.

22.05.2020 17:50


Was wondering if the caller to Knoxville PD got trails and waterways confused, or one of each?

24.05.2020 23:00


Or there was no body, and no mystery, it was all smoke and mirrors to cover up the real truth.

20.04.2020 05:53

Grady D Lowe


13.06.2020 23:59

Sharon Mc Cormack

Grady, I am so sorry about what happy to you sister Debbie Sue. Would it help you and your family to get in contact with other families whose loved ones have disappeared. I

18.04.2020 14:59


Being caving for several years, from my understanding there's caves not far from Clingmans Dome, could she have fell into one, on the North Carolina side.

11.04.2020 13:26


At least Noah received a Dove, he got a ole Turkey Buzzard, a whole kettle.

10.04.2020 22:17


From rumours, one individual was observed with scratches on his lower torso.

20.04.2020 08:48


AbbyRoad69 have you given authorities this persons name?

11.04.2020 04:53


Likely if it’s who I believe you are referring to, he wore them like a badge of honour.

10.04.2020 20:55


Wonder if the participants in the hike was checked for any bruises or scratches, if they was a articulation between Trenny and another person?

10.03.2020 20:55


The bus was equipped with a citizen's band radio, the teacher connected the park after he and another student searched.

10.03.2020 01:54


Why were the parents Not notified of her disappearance until FIVE hours after she went missing????? I do Not know One teacher who would wait FIVE hours to notify a PARENT of a CHILDS disappearance????

25.03.2020 12:58


Because it was 1976. Telephone communication wasn’t what it is now, nor as widely available. Also, everyone wasn’t immediately offended at everything that happens.

10.03.2020 01:48


30.05.2020 23:57


How would you have suggested he get in touch with the parents? Ok there is a walk-in talkie of some sort in the bus but that’s not going to reach very far. Most likely it was a Park Service radio give

09.03.2020 20:34


Very true, I've noticed and wondered to.

09.03.2020 09:00


From what read I believe someone on that field trip killed her they told to many different storys

07.03.2020 21:54


The car incident, was the guy's name Darrel, she was caught with?

07.03.2020 18:48


Did you know " Lynn", Trenny?

06.03.2020 18:10


Im sorry 4 this i just wright what i feel/see inside. Please excuse me.

06.03.2020 18:08


Her last thought i can. Feel is of fleeting fear she was just about to run and then......nothing. Body moved back to the woods after they stoped looking.

06.03.2020 18:01


A man in green pants and bright orange coat would gain her trust as she started to panic as night creeps closer and she no loger herd anyone.

06.03.2020 17:57


While reading, my mind wonderd in directions as did Lynns that day she was abducted. She came to 3 points in a heavily used trail still within shouting rage of her friends. As she made the fatal turn

06.03.2020 10:15


Lured? Makes a good point. From her actions, in those last moment's, does make you feel someone was in woods.

05.03.2020 22:05


Maybe she went to meet someone, or this was the point she was lured off the trail.

05.03.2020 21:31


There was talk of a short cut she took from the the Forney Creek Trail to the parking lot,but would look like she'd stay with the group, instead of venturing off.

27.02.2020 23:06


A map would’ve been pointless, really. Trenny had never been to the Park before, she didn’t know the layout, etc. Likely the map was planted by someone.

27.02.2020 22:03


Not sure a map would've helped, she'd never been to the park before, was her first time there.

27.02.2020 21:42


Never heard that one before, but did hear that a map was found in her locker.

27.02.2020 18:49


Class of 82 here. Someone is on the class of 78 page talking smack that Trenny’s Dad had her rubbed out, according to Tina Gibson. Tina has passed, obvious this flake didn’t know. What a thing to say!

21.02.2020 22:39


From rumours at school he was athlete.

14.02.2020 04:25


They called him Suitcase Simpson, big dude he was. He was crazy about Trenny, and a good friend of her brother, Bob. He knows things the others do not about that day.

27.08.2020 03:06


Robert Simpson. He gave Trenny his jacket - but he got it back somehow. He also had her comb from her back pocket found in his car.

23.02.2020 22:32


Why did they call him that, was he packing something around with him, or what?

10.02.2020 03:16


“For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people.”

08.02.2020 21:47


I bet that was when her father caught her in a car with a boy, that happened just about a few weeks before the field trip.

27.08.2020 03:05


I never heard this - can you elaborate? I know that there was an intruder in her house - he was a student at her school, who faced charges and later was arrested for sexual assault or rape of a girl.

08.02.2020 21:41


I just read an article that stated that Trenny had misgivings about going on the trip. Maybe she had a bad feeling or maybe she picked up on something somebody said, that something might happen.

26.01.2020 20:02


Romans 2:5 - But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God;

19.01.2020 20:07


“Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand;”
Joel 2:1

12.01.2020 19:32


. "To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste."

30.12.2019 05:06


Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

26.12.2019 15:38


I remember that our Scout Troop volunteered to help in the search, this was just a few week's after her disappearance, not no more than three week's after, but the weather changed for the worst.

22.12.2019 13:46


Whoever sows injustice reaps calamity, and the rod they wield in fury will be broken.

22.12.2019 13:18


I've read the posts, and thinking back those many year's ago, I believe I've met the Robert Simpson, his Dad was Assistant or District Attorney for Knoxville, drove a large car, I believe a Chevrolet.

25.12.2019 00:56


Yes, that’s him.

21.12.2019 18:07


I remember when this happened

04.12.2019 11:31


" If you tell a big lie enough, and frequently it will be believed " Adolf Hilter

04.12.2019 12:04


As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.
Adolf Hitler

03.12.2019 13:27


Psalms 91

20.04.2020 11:57


Hitler may have thought he was a Christian, but by killing God’s CHOSEN people, or killing ANYONE, he was anything but. JESUS commands us to love. Killing is a sin.

03.12.2019 19:58


Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. 91.8

05.11.2019 11:16


It's weird, that if she did chose to runaway, way use the park, and loosing so much time hiking, when she could've met someone in the school parking lot.

05.11.2019 12:08


Trenny had a perfectly good home to runaway from, or she had a job at Morrison’s in the Mall. All she had to do was lie about going to work one day, and leave.

05.11.2019 10:24


No, it's just hard to fathom, her participating in the hike, and at the end of the hike, skinning out.

05.11.2019 12:10


But to some for 43 years, it makes sense. To go to an unknown place, 90 minutes from home, bring nothing with you but yourself, hike for 2-3 hours, then disappear.

04.11.2019 18:16


Since she was planning to runaway, and she was concerned her plan might be compromised, she was looking for a LZ in the woods for a chopper dust off.

05.11.2019 04:40


Are you trying to say Trenny had an agenda to rendezvous with someone in the woods, so that she could disappear?

04.11.2019 16:19


Maybe when she discovered that she made or took the wrong path/trail, she panicked. Our she was purposely veered off or lured away from the trail.

04.11.2019 16:03


She was tracked to several locations, at the road, to the tower and heading towards Collins Gap.

27.08.2020 02:56


Trenny was also wearing a borrowed jacket, which may have altered/confused the scent trail. Some say he got the jacket back, but when she was last seen she was wearing it.

17.10.2019 14:22


According to statements, they stopped and shared a quick meal of sandwiches, and separated, Trenny heading back down they trail, according to some, at a fast pace.

27.08.2020 02:54


Right. At one point a boy was hyperventilating and since he was asthmatic they stopped. Trenny did not. I wonder if she had to use the restroom or maybe got her period, went to the woods and was lost.

15.10.2019 01:22


From the statements, her friend which she borrowed the coat from, was the last person she was with. Missing 411, stated he was in close proximity of her even after they separated.

27.08.2020 03:01


Yes and it is disturbing that he claimed to leave her to "track a bear" and yet he supposedly got his jacket back, although a witness claims she was wearing it when last seen at the edge of the trail

14.10.2019 19:25


That's where the teacher claimed to have found track's was at that shelter, but never mentioned in there report.

03.12.2019 20:03


Sometimes a person needs to looks for redemption, especially if you’ve made a critical mistake in judgement.

14.10.2019 19:07


Track's were found at the shelter at Double Spring's.

13.10.2019 09:49


She was tracked heading towards Collins Gap.

12.10.2019 15:20


And should've been looking up, instead of down.

27.08.2020 03:42


FallGuy - why do you say that "she was dead 30 minutes after she stepped off of that trail"?? That's a really strange thing to say and it echoes what a witness said. You think she was murdered? Info?

12.10.2019 19:24


Are you one of those fools that thinks Trenny is up in a tree?
Seriously, she was dead 30 minutes after she stepped off of that trail. Look more towards Mellinger as a resting place.

11.10.2019 22:13


I'm surprised she hasn't been found.

12.10.2019 14:39


I’m pretty sure she’s in North Carolina.

11.10.2019 18:36


Was wondering if there's a memorial to Trenny at Bearden

08.10.2019 23:21


Seems like there has been a lot of good news comeing from DNA lately.

08.10.2019 19:40


Great that Alan and I were able to go pay our respects to Trenny and make sure she is not forgotten. 43 years have passed. We will always remember you.

07.10.2019 00:16


If you're still interested, meet me around 3:00 to 3:30 tomorrow at Food City Western Avenue.

07.10.2019 12:11


Yes, I’m still interested, Trenny needs to be remembered.

06.10.2019 12:00


What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

30.09.2019 01:31


Uncovering deep things out of the dark, and making the deep shade bright. Job 12:22

29.09.2019 15:42


Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known. Luke 12.2-12

28.09.2019 15:08


On Western, yes what time and day.

06.10.2019 11:56


Will have to meet and pay our respects on Monday the 7th instead. Same place?

29.09.2019 13:08


Tuesday the 8th. May have to work the early shift.

27.09.2019 11:49


Using a variable, I've got a 50/50 chance your are or not.

28.09.2019 02:17


Do you know the FoodCity?

26.09.2019 11:44


How close to Western Avenue are you?

27.09.2019 03:33


I’m assuming that you think I’m local?

23.09.2019 16:26


No one's mentioned the public restroom yet?

22.09.2019 13:09


Was also thinking of a tao to the Smokies.

26.09.2019 04:02


I’d like to come along and lay a flower in her memory. Some kind of memorial should be erected.

20.09.2019 10:00


From the Book of Peter, paraphrase Be a alert mind, your
enemies prowls like a roaring lion waiting to devour

20.09.2019 11:23


Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

19.09.2019 20:17


And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.

19.09.2019 09:40


Quoting a passage from the Book of Luke, " The rock's cry out".

18.09.2019 21:18


I seen the Find A Grave memorial, MIA ,declared dead or buried at sea. On a eternal field trip.

18.09.2019 09:53


Very sad, and not knowing what really happened, and the grief of her family.

18.09.2019 19:53


It was very hard for her family to cope, all of these years and no answers. I knew Trenny, but I don’t think anyone really knew her well. Still, I would like to see her remembered positively.

17.09.2019 13:54


The anniversary of her disappearance will soon be here.Was thinking of laying a flower at the Bearden memorial garden in her memory.

17.09.2019 19:03


That’s a nice gesture!🌸

14.09.2019 13:00


But why need witnesses, when you're hunting a bear, out of season in a federal park, with only his index finger.

14.09.2019 13:43


I’m sure he used his entire right or left hand.

12.09.2019 19:49


Everyone had a witness that they where together, except one.

12.09.2019 18:56


The rumours started that weekend, unchecked and fueled, wasn't until later that they was a agenda,runaway.

12.09.2019 11:36


Her disappearance, with all the rumours is like growing mushrooms, keep in the dark, and fed fertilizer.

09.09.2019 13:57


Since the topics on tree's, think they'd be any old hollowed tree's in the area.

10.09.2019 01:32


Yes, there are several. Makes a great hiding place, especially if located out of the search area. Easy to toss a shoe into or an article of clothing.

09.09.2019 12:35


The Dome Comb and the fabled comb of Trenny''s, interesting reference.

10.09.2019 01:35


Yes, that comb should have been a definitive clue that Trenny was gone and not returning. That something was very wrong. I think of her whenever I see the Dome Comb tree.

09.09.2019 11:05


Lake Fontana has been mentioned, don't forget Lake Santeetlah at Robbinville.

09.09.2019 01:31


At one time, they was a resort on the North Carolina side of the park, I believe called the Thunderbird.

06.09.2019 14:55


Take the Alcoa High Way to Chilhowee go though the Nantahala National Park to Cherokee, hook the 441, to Clingmans Dome.

05.09.2019 09:31


But didn't it take them 2 to 2.5 hour's to get there? Might've took the long great circle path, I 40 E, exit on the 441.

05.09.2019 01:15


From my understanding, they took the Chapman Hwy into Sevierville, and Rt 441 into the mountains. Would've been the most direct way.

04.09.2019 14:21


Just out of curiosity, which route did the class take leaving Knoxville for the Smokies?

04.09.2019 12:41


And then, they were three.

01.09.2019 11:46


Georgia State won over the Vols last night, their panther scratched that hound’s ass full of holes. Maybe it’s symbolic and the beginning of the end.

31.08.2019 13:59


Batman has the Bat Cave, maybe the proverbial horny hitchhiker has a base camp.

31.08.2019 12:51


The camp was discovered off the Tucker trail, ideal location as a staging point, it being located between the parking lot and the lake, no mention of hot coals left, just that it was abandoned recentl

29.08.2019 16:09


A lot of landslides happening in the Paint Mountain area.

30.08.2019 03:46


That could go either way, bad news if there’s something to hide, good news if you are looking to find something.

27.08.2019 21:06


I knew Robert in the 80s and spent lots of time alone with him. He was never threatening to me. I did read where Kelvin was arrested the following year for rape.

22.08.2019 17:23


The search area went as far as Lake Fontana, will have to confirm whether or not the banks, the water and island were searched. The Park does allow camping on some of the island.

22.08.2019 14:59


They was a recently vacated camp found during the initial search, stated as recently occupied, it was between Clingmans Dome and the lake, wondering if the lake and water and islands was searched.

17.08.2019 10:34


Looking up into the bottom foundation at the beauty, Wishing you a Happy Birthday Trenny in Heaven.

14.08.2019 19:41

Round About

The Tuckaleechee Caverns, at Townsend, and the White oak Sink, where the Rainbow Falls cave is.

16.08.2019 04:12


Out at Rainbow Falls, the water disappears into a cavern below. Likely filled with bats, and you know what they say about bat dung acting as a preservative.

12.08.2019 13:27


The Lord watch between me and thee, for when we are absent from one another, until we meet again.

11.08.2019 21:03


Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

16.08.2019 04:16


You are My friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not understand what his master is doing.

10.08.2019 13:10


I know of two cave's, Whitewhole and Bull both are Bat sanctuaries, gated and locked. Was wondering if any more of silver mining was done around Clingmans Dome.

13.08.2019 03:01


Caves and mine shafts are examples of places to put a body to avoid detection,digging into the ground, etc. And if they are only known to the killer, and virtually inaccessible,a body can stay hidden.

09.08.2019 09:02


The enigma of after eating lunch, and still a hour and a half left to hike, she chose to return to the parking lot.

09.08.2019 10:25


Yes, for all intents and purposes, she seemed to be in a bit of a hurry to return to the bus in the parking lot. Whether she was cold, bored, or wanted to be alone, we don’t know.

06.08.2019 09:44


Was reading that the teacher formed a two man search, he and another student before the park got involved, said the teacher found track's similar to the same as Trenny was wearing.

27.08.2020 03:53


Yes, and it's interesting to know - at first I thought this search took place the next day. After the rainfall. He took another student to search, and split-up from him, just after he lost a student.

26.06.2019 11:11


And another interesting fact, was the camp they found between the tower and they lake, was no permit issued.

25.06.2019 21:24


I visited the area last summer. Two things of note.
1) Trenny left money and was unprepared to runaway.
2) Robert claimed he fell behind while tracking a bear.

06.08.2019 12:30


I thought Robert got his coat back and the comb was inside the pocket, explaining how he ended up with it. Which means he had to have seen Trenny again before she vanished.

06.08.2019 04:27


Conflicting reports also abound over whether or not he recovered the jacket of his that Trenny had on that day. It may have been the scent the dogs picked up, his jacket/Trenny’s scent.

10.06.2019 20:14


Just a kid making a dumb excuse to get rid of her.

10.06.2019 12:53


The bear tracking, could be a reference to a code or cryptic message, but that depends upon the group using the reference, could mean a call to nature or a individual person.

08.06.2019 15:34


What county is Clingman's Dome located, is it Scott?.

08.06.2019 09:35


The climate in East Tennessee is to warm, bear's don't hibernate they're up and about. The bear tracking, could've been ploy to get separated from him, and her alone on the trail.

08.06.2019 00:15


You mean is “tracking a bear” a code for doing something totally different? Like “cracking a beer” or going to the bathroom? Like, “Does a bear go in the woods?” Maybe someone has some insight?

27.08.2020 03:57


Interesting - it's possible he was drinking the beer (found half-full and smoking) and that he motioned Trenny into the woods to join him. Maybe she ran from him and became lost or he hurt her.

07.06.2019 23:37

Kit Carson

That time of year, and with the conditions that day, and bear would be laying down under the bush, wonder if that's a code for something else.

01.06.2019 04:29


Maybe she ran uphill to the trail since there was a re routing of the trail. Someone may have been chasing her and was in danger. Would have explained her scent not being on trail but around i

25.05.2019 10:27


No, It isn't a dream, but for a par sec of time, the clock moved backwards.

25.05.2019 02:30


Tell me it was just a dream. 10/08/76 3:15.

24.05.2019 19:18


Might've been, from the track she left, she was either trying to make to the bus,or a known location, the tower, but was stopped.

21.05.2019 10:36


Was wondering if the tunnel under Clingmans Dome road was used, that's the Appalachian trail/Thomas Divide trail that run's under the road.

12.05.2019 09:51


The bearings that was given, had to get out my old navigation tools, and buy a map, your azimuth, is on a trail, close in to the tower.

11.05.2019 18:45


Put it this way. While the Park was searched, Trenny wasn’t there. She was returned later by Jeep and buried someplace far out in the woods. They’re confident she’ll never be located.

27.08.2020 04:06


Care to add details, please? Nothing can be done without a body and this is basically anonymous w so many speculating, so no one can say you snitched. Should have a little peace, at least of knowing.

11.05.2019 11:13


Was wondering, that a possibility of Trenny being brought back to Knoxville, in the first stage of her disappearance, while the search was focused in the mountains.

13.08.2019 05:11


How do you know this? Have yo reported it?

06.05.2019 16:29


The Bearden Junior Hight picture brought back a lot of memories, when I invited her to a sox hop at Vine Middle School, and danced the Loco Motion.

20.05.2019 22:45

Sharon Mc Cormack

Jason, what do you and your class mates think happened to Trinny? Is there a possibility that she may have ran away and started a new life else where?

02.05.2019 22:26


I thought that too

02.05.2019 21:23


Wondering if Jack was a Jill the Ripper?

02.05.2019 19:17


35.4947N, 83.6889W is where the searchers should have concentrated their efforts.

27.08.2020 04:08


Thank you, Eddie - I hope someone listens. I can't get there, right now.

02.05.2019 18:58


He mother, has accused and blamed two of her classmate's for her disappearance, was wondering if they was any more.

01.05.2019 20:32


Congratulation to my fellow classmates at Elizabethton High School.

21.04.2019 11:10


Wondering if any of the abandoned dwellings was searched, some of the old structures still stand, or only the foundation and chimneys still remains.

18.04.2019 14:30


And waiting for anyone who was youmg and remotely on their own. If they knew the area it been easy to get in and out of there. Though I still say someone she was in school with knows something.

18.04.2019 14:28


If other people were hiking through there especially if bad people knew there would be a school field trip, and something like that probably easy to find out that point in time could have been lurking

16.04.2019 19:00


Just a note, remember, a capital offence on Tribal land, comes under Federal government jurisdiction.

16.04.2019 13:37


Good idea and a possible location. Try looking in Paint Mountain and Cherokee N.C. area's.

15.04.2019 23:07


I've acquired some additional map's, Nantahala, and Cherokee National Forest, and trails along the French Broad River, focusing looking outside the park.

05.04.2019 11:51


How would you get ahold of a class list of attendees for the field trip if one survived? I’m doing a project for a sociology class. I’d like to know if 38 or 40 students were on the trip.

01.04.2019 01:06


What would Simpson have been doing alone, from 1:30pm until 3pm? After Trenny left and started back down to the bus? Shucking his corn or what?

01.04.2019 01:08


25.03.2019 12:39


Also, Simpson DID get his jacket back, either in the ensuing scuffle or it was returned to him shortly after, with Trenny’s comb in the pocket. He retrieved it and kept it as a trophy.

25.03.2019 12:31


Trenny wasn’t alive for more than half an hour after she left that trail. She was whisked out of the Park, before the field trip ended and murdered. The witnesses were incorrect about the time of day.

24.03.2019 04:28


You people should be looking at Paint Mountain. And I mean looking up at the trees, not looking at what’s down on the ground. You’re years late, but it may still be there. If you knew where to look.

22.03.2019 20:51


Trenny sleeps in the Smokies! I know someone who was a member of the original search party and worked at Tremont. He knows things that others don’t.

15.04.2019 14:01


Something of Trenny’s WAS found. So the guilty ones that bank on her being lost forever are not as safe as they think they are.

10.04.2019 21:43


Care to share so more info?

22.03.2019 02:17


He was a young teacher at the time, likely out of college only a short time. The students at Bearden may have felt very comfortable with him, with him being close to their age.

21.03.2019 19:56

Professor Ted

The teacher, would've graduated in the late sixties,just when American Universities was in civil unrest, and cultural revolution, they were called Yippies, a educated hippie.

20.03.2019 09:55


A possibility, but she would've had to clear it with the teacher first, get permission before she could, in which probably not, it a school trip.

19.03.2019 19:59


One idea I've had, was If someone told Trenny, about driving back to Knoxville, instead of riding the bus back home.

10.03.2019 06:14

Matthew Foster

Have they looked into serial killer Samuel Little? He's confessed to murdering over 90 woman and one was in 1975 in Knoxville.

08.03.2019 22:08


Not long after Trenny disappeared, I heard someone saw her at Holston River Park, they was almost sure it was her, because of her red finger nail polish.

03.03.2019 13:39


Because that was the best excuse for disappearing ,that could be fabricated at the time. Hey, she jumped the fence and left! It worked well because then Bearden also had clean hands.

03.03.2019 10:32


Why a National Forest? Basically in the middle of nowhere, unless this was pre planned without any problems.The school would've been a more logical place, since that's where her mom drop her off.

02.03.2019 22:39


It was an abduction, pure and simple. Probably going to get opinions that beg to differ, but that’s my stance and always has been.

02.03.2019 22:23


True, unless as mentioned this was a distraction, to make it look like a abduction.

28.02.2019 16:41


Trenny was more than smart enough to prepare if she wanted to bug out. She would not have decided impulsively to take off with nothing.

26.02.2019 16:17


Just have one random question. Was watching the YouTube video, with the classmate, she stated that Trenny, jumped the fence and went to California, has they been any communication over the years?

28.02.2019 13:57


If Trenny had planned to leave she'd have taken her savings with her, not left them behind? Unless it was a sudden spontaneous action, but is that likely, & to be able to evade detection?

26.02.2019 17:10


Not to her family. Perhaps to friends from school or her job? Maybe someone will enlighten us.

18.02.2019 01:26


Eyewitness accounts are nearly always wrong when identifying someone. Especially in a moving vehicle.

17.02.2019 10:58


Plus another interesting aspect was the sightings, but reading the post's, account to wishful thinking, false identification.

16.02.2019 15:05


As far as I know, Trenny was the only missing person that day, if the boyfriend was local, but was not counted, or considered missing, is interesting, or to help with the story line.

16.02.2019 13:51


The rumor at school was they met at her work place.

16.02.2019 13:08


I know I keep saying this, but who was this mystery person that was supposed to have picked up Trenny that day from the Park? Where did she meet him? School or Morrison’s? Does he have a name?

16.02.2019 12:34


Like a previous post, Communication, unless she was packin a HT, "walkie talkie", all good plan's fail, her pick up point could've changed.

16.02.2019 12:19


The dog's tracked her to the base of the Tower, and lost her trail, he could've been waiting there, but not sure if that's a utility road/trail or not, raining, would've needed a all terrain vehicle.

16.02.2019 11:44


One issue that was never mentioned, was while she was hiking, and the in question boyfriend was waiting in the parking, you would think saying goodbye, but that wasn't discussed or mentioned.

14.02.2019 12:49


That was later found to have been an hoax. It was discussed on the “Brain Scratch Searchlight” episode about Trenny.

14.02.2019 01:51


Tim, I saw the post you mentioned, dated around 2012, left articles of Trennys, in a sack at a ranger station.

13.02.2019 13:23


Love sickness may have been involved, and an over abundance of hormones, but Sasquatch is innocent of wrongdoing in this one.

13.02.2019 12:58


With all the misconception and rumor associated with her disappearance, and now since a love sick over testosteroned Sasquatch now has been entered as a prime suspect, the field is wide open.

13.02.2019 11:42


Plus, how would they've communicate with each other to set up the point, and time of pick up, since she was up on the trail hiking, and him in the parking lot.

13.02.2019 11:34


If this was a staged plot, with a twist to throw everyone off her plan to runaway she done a excellent job, but why participate, time would be against her, not a classic example of running away.

13.02.2019 03:38


It was very odd, about who the mystery candidate was, that was supposed to have collected Trenny from the Park that day, so that they could begin their adventure together. Anybody have any thoughts?

13.02.2019 03:33


She could have just as easily dropped back and met her ride in the parking lot at the beginning of the hike, instead of hiking for most of the trip, if she’d planned to take off that day.

13.02.2019 01:53


Yes, the questions that would never die.

13.02.2019 00:46


Still debating on her running away, she was unprepared, brought only the clothes she wore from home, and participated in the hike, instead of leaving once she arrived at the park.

04.02.2019 21:12


And the weather, and at the border of two state line's, several different juridical area's Federal, State, County, Cities line's.

04.02.2019 21:04


Yes, lack of supervision and the thought that this could never happen in high school all contributed.

04.02.2019 21:00


True, like all the other rumours involved with this disappearance, but with the parking lot available, and not expecting a abduction, without much supervision.

04.02.2019 20:51


Yes, and nobody seemed to take it seriously, that perhaps the bus HAD been tailed that day. Brushed off like it was a fabrication.

02.02.2019 15:35


I've found a post and on a site, that several passengers on the bus to Clingmans Dome, mention that the bus was followed or tailed that day, the post said it was a Dodge.

31.01.2019 19:35


I thought you said she ran away, and did you push her.

31.01.2019 19:23

Christopher Pennington

Are you crazy? Conspiracy NUTS: she took a piss, got disoriented, lost, died later of hypothermia. No one knew in advance where they were headed.

04.02.2019 01:57

Francis Castiglione

What's it to you fella? I doubt you know a whole lot anyways. Your prob just a troll as well. I doubt you're even from the area. Quit talking about shit you know nothing about.

30.01.2019 17:51


Yes, they had a role to play, knew it and pulled it off. The inclement weather and lack of supervision were all factors that worked in the perpetrators favor. Something smiled upon them that day.

30.01.2019 10:10


As with any organization, you have personal in key positions.

29.01.2019 23:17


Our teacher mentioned that some of the students named Bowman as the one who followed the bus to the Park. How could Bearden prove he was at school the entire day?

28.01.2019 22:35


Shame, I better go Mom's calling for supper, and I better beat my sister or I'll be eatting chicken necks, I'll be back soon.

28.01.2019 22:30


According to some students on the trip, yes, they claimed that the bus was being followed to the Park. Bearden brushed it off, and I don’t believe the lead was pursued any farther.

28.01.2019 22:26


One thing I read a post, saying the bus was followed that day which might explain her disappearance, plus the Old Sugarland Trail crosses Clingmans Dome Road, before the parking lot.

28.01.2019 22:19


Yes, and fog rolled in. It shut the search down later that night and further hampered it the next day. The fall foliage also made it very hard to spot anything.

28.01.2019 22:16


True, read a post that later in the evening, the drizzle turn into snow, as the temperature dropped.

28.01.2019 22:11


That’s where the few twigs and ferns were found to be broken at the side of the trail. The weather was getting miserable. It would be easy to mistake the spot. School likely was dismissed early.

28.01.2019 22:03


True, but the location they mentioned, very thick under growth, and very steep drop offs, wondering in if the location is further up the trail.

28.01.2019 21:41


Yes, I think being with Robert at Andrews Bald was likely a stall for time. Likely for someone to get into the proper position off trail. They’d have to travel through the woods, which takes time.

28.01.2019 21:27


From my research, looks as though Trenny, was stalled at Andrew's Bald, and then made her back down Forney Creek Trail, in which they were waiting.

24.01.2019 06:14


Gary and Shelby, has there been any updates on what you’ve learned studying Trenny’s case?

20.01.2019 15:34


Yes, for what ever reasons which is known to a select few, she could have and lived a productive life.

20.01.2019 15:16


Had she done so, likely she’d still be here.

20.01.2019 10:03


Trenny should've gestured back showing them they where number one, and high tailed it to the parking lot.

19.01.2019 19:58


Trenny likely saw movement or a gesture, and a friendly face. She may have heard a noise, too. Very foggy that afternoon.

19.01.2019 19:46


The last moment's of Trenny is complex wading through the rumours and hear say, she saw something possibly someone got her attention and motioned to her, probably someone she knew.

18.01.2019 23:08


Good point, Shelby. From looking at this, she was likely lured off trail by possibly 1 or 2 people. I think another was involved, maybe to stay with the vehicle to remove her from the Park.

18.01.2019 22:41


If Robert had done something to alert her of what was to come, or somehow managed to scare her, how would he get her to go off trail? She seemed like a smart girl, not easily mislead.

17.01.2019 23:39


True, but she was traveling at an accelerated pace, and laying low at time's, like she was trying to keep a low profile, while making a attempt to get back to the bus.

17.01.2019 23:33


Yes, that could be it, exactly. She decided to then leave the situation, and go back to the safety of the bus. Maybe she just wanted to be alone, so that’s why she went ahead of the others.

17.01.2019 23:28


From my perspective, and I've looked at every possible angle, apparently sometime during to hike, she's either been threatened or approached in a manner that was unacceptable to her.

17.01.2019 23:22


What I don’t understand is, if that’s what happened, how would they know that she would be alone?

17.01.2019 23:18


Very true, does make for good reasoning to believe she was lured off the trail, and by looking into this by someone she knew and trusted.

17.01.2019 23:12


Trenny had to have been tricked to get her to step off that trail where she did. It’s so steep, all the tangled underbrush and tree after tree after tree. No right minded person would leave.

11.01.2019 10:26


Just to give you direction Gary, a East Tennessee author/historian VN"Bud" Phillips, has wrote about local and regional history, one includes The Wild Man of the Holston.

11.01.2019 01:18


Gary and I are classmates and friends. We’ve been hiking in the Smokies with our parents and have been to the places where Dennis, Trenny and Pauline vanished. Trenny must have been tricked.

10.01.2019 22:16


That’s the guy!

10.01.2019 22:13


Yes, never personally meet him, he's a retired Search and rescue, tracker for the GSMNPS.

10.01.2019 22:07


Yes, Dwight McCarter has talked about the wild men, he has seen them in the mountains. If you are an East Tennessee lad, you probably know exactly who I’m talking about.

10.01.2019 22:02


Thank you, great advice one point of interest is in Dennis Martin disappearance, the "wild men" the Appalachian mountains, has a legend of feral people living off grid, the Clinch Mountain for example

10.01.2019 21:54


Yes, lots of rumours. But we’re cutting to the chase, getting to the bottom of them. When you get into Trenny’s story, just ignore the rumours, and just keep your thinking straight. You’ll soon see

10.01.2019 21:45


Trennys disappearance, is perplexing to say the least, no witnesses, she was observed leaving the trail, and the rest is rumour.

09.01.2019 12:06


I hope Shelby and I can bring resolve to the families and friends of Dennis, Trenny and Pauline, may they rest in peace, got to go the bus is coming.

09.01.2019 03:28


The sociology class I’m in with Gary, is really interesting. We’re studying the Big 3 missing from GSMNP, Dennis Martin, Trenny Gibson and Pauline Melton. Such very different cases they are.

04.01.2019 13:00


Yes, if they are still out there, would love to hear what they had to say, too.

04.01.2019 10:20

Dixie Linker

I met a couple of Bearden alumni, in the early 80's, my freshman year in college, we discussed Trenny's, disappearance, was just wondering if any of them are still around. Would love to catch up

28.12.2018 11:15


Thank you, Sir,for your advice, and feel free send any more helpful hints you have. I'll start my research at the beginning of the new year and post my findings.

27.12.2018 10:22


Gary, to compete your research library, get the US Army handbook on escape and evasion, and take your Paladin Press, how to books and look at the fundamental's of bugging out,verses her disappearance

27.12.2018 00:41


I hit the mother lode at McKay Book's, got several survivalist publications, even the Turner Dairies.My Grand dad, says I'm in high cotton.

26.12.2018 17:45


Hi Gary. Welcome your questions, anytime. I have a Bearden classmate that has contacted me recently with new information regarding Trenny’s disappearance.

26.12.2018 17:40


I have a question for the Moderator, I'm going to investigate the runaway probably ,my understanding that a the height of the survival movement,manuals was available.

23.12.2018 13:41


Ok, I'm satisfied, at the beginning of the year I'll present this to the class, and but it to a democratic vote, sorry that wasn't political correctness, but it to a vote.

23.12.2018 13:29


I get the fundamentals, kind of a classic snatch and grab case. Also seen about a altercation between her and another student, and the classic I didn't see a thing deal.Several cases solved this year.

23.12.2018 13:06


The rumours were necessary to cover tracks. “Trenny ran away”. “Stop nosing around or the same thing that happened to her, will happen to you”. Pretty big threats for a simple runaway case.

23.12.2018 13:01


A student of mine connected me about Trenny's case, I've been reviewing her disappearance, to me looks like a lot of rumours, but this site fills in the blanks.

23.12.2018 12:45


There’s a classmate that claims she’s spoken with Trenny in the years since she’s been gone and that Trenny is tugging at her and wants to return. Could the California angle be checked out?

23.12.2018 12:41


I have been researching this and have come up empty. it’s possible that Trenny has changed her name. It was easier to disappear 40 years ago than it is now, but Trenny did not have the resources.

23.12.2018 11:11


Was just interested to know, was watching a YouTube Vid, of a interview with a classmate of Trenny's that she staged her disappearance, and went to California, any information about this?

22.12.2018 05:16


Thank would be terrific, Gary. Please invite him to check out this site and let him know about Trenny’s story on “The Trail Went Cold” podcast, episode #100.

21.12.2018 20:06


My teacher, is a big cold case fan, he was looking for a case for a class project after we come back from Christmas break, I mention, this would be a great case to investigate.

21.12.2018 19:54


Alchemy, I guess.😉. I’ve observed that from reading posts all over sites on the web about Trenny.

21.12.2018 19:51


Some of those kids could never account for their whereabouts when Trenny went missing, and changed stories over the years. How can you be on Andrews Bald one minute, and behind Trenny the next?

20.12.2018 12:49


Those tales worked for many years. It helped that along the way, someone(s)would add some gasoline to the fire.

20.12.2018 10:29


True, as posted before a tale of misadventure, of someone unfamiliar with her surroundings, or of a runaway not very well planned, which contributed to her disappearance.

20.12.2018 04:21


Yes, by pushing the “Trenny Ran Away” rumour, then the school would have clean hands.

19.12.2018 15:56


And remember that the Knoxville City Schools, was in hot water too,but shifting the paper work around, doing a Madina Standard, putting the teacher, in " Command Responsibility".

19.12.2018 15:43


Yes, that’s a consideration

19.12.2018 14:43


And don't forget that the school office was manned by students, so, wise ole Mister Owl, how many licks does it take?

19.12.2018 12:16


Yes, law enforcement should have probed the student body far more than they did.

19.12.2018 11:01


Yes, been way to long, if the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies would've coordinated there efforts, and not played politics this might've been resolved.

18.12.2018 13:12


Yes, one that has lasted more than 42 years. It’s high time the tide turned.

18.12.2018 13:10


I noticed that, a tale of misadventure, that runs a gambit into abyss of rumours.

18.12.2018 12:56


Trenny running away was a cover story. In many cases, people of that generation like to blame the victim. In other cases, they are trying to deflect attention from themselves and their own misdeeds.

18.12.2018 10:28


On YouTube I watched a fellow classmate, she explained, that Trenny, flew the coup, and went to California. Any truth to that, or just rumour.

17.12.2018 17:17


Because some of the students weren’t aware of what was happening andvthe others were no friends of hers.

17.12.2018 16:29


So close, she almost made it to the bus, shame no one run interference for her.

17.12.2018 12:17


There was a plan in place to get her alone, she was set up like that.

17.12.2018 12:14


I think she either had to go to the washroom or else something had happened between her and Robert when they were together and she just wanted to get back to the bus.

17.12.2018 12:09


That's an enigma, it started at Andrew's Bold, when she stopped under the tree, to eat lunch, and soon after, her exodus to the the parking lot.

17.12.2018 11:52


The question, which they're is several post's asking this, why was Trenny in a hurry to get to the parking lot/bus, no one else was in such a hurry, and as pointed out, hiding in the scrub and moving

13.12.2018 20:40


True, Trenny, had plans she wasn't going to become a boom boom girl, like the other's.

13.12.2018 20:35


No she was too good for that/them. They knew it, too.

13.12.2018 20:33


Trenny, didn't "turn on, tune in, and drop out", like the other's.

13.12.2018 20:29


Yes and trying to discredit Trenny and those that may have thought differently. Heaven forbid that someone might think differently from them and have the vision that she was a good girl.

13.12.2018 20:24


Plus, from the rumours, different lifestyles.

13.12.2018 20:20


Yes, they weren't all cut from the same cloth. Some had their heads on straight

13.12.2018 20:15


But the possession, was one sided, the other part of the equation, had other idea's, and a future ahead of them.

13.12.2018 16:37


Don’t forget about “possession is 9/10 of the law”.

13.12.2018 16:34


But quoting Crowley's, Book of the Law, the first law, there is no law.

13.12.2018 12:24


If they knew where they were headed, they may have brought along such gear. But it was the 70’s, many of them were probably holding.

13.12.2018 11:28


Wondering if any of the students that participated in the field trip, had rucksacks, if so that's possibly how the beer was brought in.

06.12.2018 12:33


Very true. Trenny was very levelheaded, but due to the situation it looks like she said “Adios, MF*R, I’m hiking elsewhere”. Left Simpson, and continued on her own.

03.12.2018 14:33


Trenny was too levelheaded to do something ridiculous like hitchhike or walk back to Knoxville. The posters either knew nothing about her, the distance involved, or the Park itself.

03.12.2018 13:58


If she was that determined to get out of Dodge, she could've hooked the Old Sugarland Trail, at Andrew's Bold, and walked straight into Gatlinberg, and called home.

03.12.2018 13:34


Reading the comments of Reddit, about Trenny, decided IHTFP, and was going to hump it back to Knoxville, the 441, doesn't have a walk way, why risk, getting killed or hit by a vehicle.

29.11.2018 20:52


Yes, somebody’s girlfriend got a good prize. Stuff like that is bad karma.

29.11.2018 20:48


But the shocker, that I never heard before, was the trophy hunting, and other's wearing of her rings.

29.11.2018 20:33


That’s one theory yes. The other, is that the big game hunter was in cahoots with some others.

29.11.2018 20:31


One food for thought, wasn't her friend, the big game hunter, he was in close proximity to her when she disappeared.

29.11.2018 20:19


Looks like it is her turn, and hear her roar.

29.11.2018 20:15


42 years is a good life for a well. It’s finally Trenny’s turn to have her say.

29.11.2018 20:12


True, I guess the well finally has run dry on that theory.

29.11.2018 20:08


Yes, Robin does an excellent job on that podcast. It was the first time the case was profiled from a foul play perspective. Usually it’s shown as an accident or runaway.

29.11.2018 20:05


Listen to The Trail Went Cold, Pod Cast yesterday about Trenny, very enlightening.

28.11.2018 18:33


Very well said, Michael. Thank you.

28.11.2018 18:03

Michael LeBoeuf

The Candle of Life
The gift of life is like a candle. We are the wick. Our flame-warmth shared to lives gone cold; Our light-a beacon to the lost. Darkness-mournful remains of the candle, stolen.

27.11.2018 20:55


Yes and it’s my knowledge that Dunlap hung out with some of the kids in his horticulture class. He may have mentioned the destination to one or mire of them.

27.11.2018 20:52


As with any school, you have the social privileged, the one's that are told before hand of any gatherings they might be invited, or participate in.

27.11.2018 20:39


Yes, it could be that the teacher told a select few of the destination, but either did it mistakenly or just didn’t remember.

27.11.2018 20:36


From my understanding, the teacher, was wanting it as a surprise, but interesting, that several knew ahead of time the destination.

27.11.2018 20:31


I think it was likely that a parent or guardian may have worked or volunteered at Bearden. They learned the location of the field trip, and that’s why a few kids knew the destination. Just a thought

20.11.2018 12:24


Yes, I've noticed now that there's a hint of the paranormal with Trennys disappearance. A over testosterone quatch, was involved.

19.11.2018 17:38


Yes, I wonder about the sources at times, myself. You have to remember that many people were frightened at the goings on and the rumours, this may have kept them from coming forward until now.

19.11.2018 17:13


Like so much with her disappearance, information has came forward, but most importantly, the timing of these post's, year's after the fact, makes you wonder if the sources.

18.11.2018 15:14


Ok, so that’s what go him so angry. Really, what did he expect, a Hallmark card? I suppose the others blamed Trenny and her family.

18.11.2018 15:11


Good question, was a home invasion of the Gibson's home, and a shooting, and vacation at Greeneville.

18.11.2018 14:55


Why was the older classmate so against Trenny, I wonder? Did he have the support of the others?

18.11.2018 14:52


This is a two for one answer, most of that about the boyfriend, is rumour, to hurt.Yes there was a incident, that involved a older classmate.

18.11.2018 14:45


Maybe I heard wrong, maybe he wanted to date her. But wasn’t there some kid involved that was bothering her at school? Maybe that’s why she left. Couldn’t handle it.

18.11.2018 14:40


I myself, never heard that rumour, until here in the past few years , as far as I heard, Trenny wasn't dating.

18.11.2018 14:34


Wasn’t Trenny dating some black guy at the time she went missing? That’s what I heard. That she left and ran off with him.

15.11.2018 21:38


Amen to that

15.11.2018 21:36


And made it where no one could, even the one's that truly loved her.

15.11.2018 21:33


Yes, and he wanted what he couldn’t have

15.11.2018 21:30


True, I guess, he had a different definition of what friendship meant.

15.11.2018 21:22


Yes and so sad that a good friend of his left Trenny to go home alone.

15.11.2018 21:18


True, they were very close, growing up, very sad, him coming home for a reunion with his family, and discovering his sister missing.

15.11.2018 21:13


You bet he was. Trenny wouldn’t have missed that for anything.

15.11.2018 21:10


Robert, was coming home that weekend. Trenny, disappeared.

15.11.2018 21:02


I’m not sure of the distinction. He was honourably discharged in April of 77.

15.11.2018 21:00


So, Robert, would be a considered a Vietnam veteran then, the U.S. Pulled out in 1975, and The South surrendered in 1976.

15.11.2018 20:55


Yes, that’s right. He was coming home on leave the very weekend Trenny disappeared.

15.11.2018 20:50


True, that's what I was wondering, Robert Jr, graduated in 1975, went with the Navy, If I remember correctly was stationed in Guam.

15.11.2018 20:44


Yes, there was a rumour that she was seen in a car in North Carolina after she went missing. It’s so easy to mistakenly identify people when they are in a vehicle. It goes with the runaway theory.

15.11.2018 20:41


My question is, I've heard, and this might be possible rumors, that after her disappearance, they was sightings of Trenny.

12.11.2018 20:12


Jeep Trail, yes. And taken deep into the woods with a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Adult intervention had to be a factor as well.

12.11.2018 20:10


Also, Robert, was told of the use of a possible keep trail used in Trennys disappearance.

12.11.2018 19:25


I’m sure that they did, but in the 1970’s, convictions without a body were virtually unheard of. And you also had the school backing up the students in regards to Trenny running away.

12.11.2018 19:22


But the sad thing, was the FBI, like in the Dennis Martin case, they had evidence, but didn't take it seriously.

12.11.2018 19:18


Yes she did. And being a conquest of her hiking partner was probably not among them.

12.11.2018 19:16


True, Trenny, had high goals set for herself.

12.11.2018 19:12


It also comes from wanting what you can’t have, I think he was someone used to getting whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. And Trenny spurned him, likely.

12.11.2018 19:10


He probably thought the rut was in, and had his nose high in the air sniffing for the odor of love.

12.11.2018 19:04


Judging by his looks in those days, and the moniker Suitcase, I guess he had to get it where he could, when he could. He also had, I’m told, a penchant for sniffing shoes.

12.11.2018 18:59


Very true, for him to possibly understand, how his best friend, wasn't there to defend his little sister, out chasing white tails, or any tail, he could find.

12.11.2018 18:54


Yes, his feet were in rough shape. Trenny and Bob were best friends, and losing her broke his heart. He had to take a discharge from the Navy the following year, too hard to concentrate.

12.11.2018 18:50


I heard Robert, her bother searched for Trenny, for day's, had to stop because his feet started bleeding.

11.11.2018 21:48


Yes, strong resemblance. Very close knit family, with Trenny at the centre of the unit. The three older children looked much alike.

11.11.2018 21:41


I never realized, how much Trenny, looked like her mom.

11.11.2018 17:30


Only wish that we knew the answer. Perhaps the teacher didn’t want to disappoint the students, so they went ahead with the trip.

11.11.2018 17:25

11 Bravo

But with the weather conditions that day, why was the trip not cancelled?

11.11.2018 13:25


That was a set up. She needed to be alone to set the next part of the plan in motion.

11.11.2018 13:21

Jimmy Jack

Leaves a lot of unanswered questions, of why she was in a hurry, hiking alone.

11.11.2018 12:51


Yes, you’re right. One of the lamest excuses I’ve heard. If that was the excuse he gave Trenny to go on without him on the field trip, she must not have been thinking clearly.

11.11.2018 12:44

Jimmy Jack

According to Robert's statement, he was quote tracking bear, but does make one wonder, if he was tracking bipedal white tails.

09.11.2018 00:28


Was Trenny trying to get away and get to the safety of the bus? Why wasn’t Robert walking with her?

08.11.2018 19:58


She did startle a classmate, seeming to appear out of nowhere onto the trail. Very heavy fog and mist though, that day. Things look differently and sound differently with all the moisture in the air

08.11.2018 19:49


I've noticed that too, she would come out of no nowhere, walk with a group, then hurry on , and appear with another.

08.11.2018 12:46


She’s about a mover.

08.11.2018 12:42

Point Man

From what I've read from the internet, Trenny, was making a dash for the parking lot, as doing two tour's in Afganistan, I know what it like being in Indian Country, not knowing friend from foe.

07.11.2018 00:28


Yes, it could’ve just been people wanting to be left alone. Wrong place at the wrong time.

06.11.2018 20:15


The people in the van, might've been having a secert rendezvous, married to other people.

06.11.2018 19:59


The one thing that was mentioned was a white van in the Clingman’s parking lot, I know we’ve talked about it before on this board. The people in the van were gruff and short with the kids when asked.

06.11.2018 19:55


The weather that day was rainy and foggy, would've been a perfect set up for abduction, but as far as I know, no one seen anyone lurking around.

05.11.2018 21:18


Yes, the abduction thought came too late in the game, it was the family that pushed that theory. It was thought that she was lost in the wilderness, then you had the classmates taking runaway.

05.11.2018 20:46


The worse part is that alot of the leads wasn't persuaded, the tower wasn't investigated, or searched, they first thought she was lost, until later that they discovered a possible abduction.

05.11.2018 19:20


Yes. It’s just too bad that she was long gone from the trail, and nobody searched the tower with dogs.

05.11.2018 18:53


Also , have you noticed Trenny, was tracked on a lot of trails.

05.11.2018 14:17


Yes, exactly.

05.11.2018 10:38


True, Like when Freddie, tells Shaggy, Scooby, and Valma, to check the basement, and.says, him and Daphne, will go up stairs, and check the bedrooms.

04.11.2018 15:28


Ah yes. The rhyme was really about the collapse of the British government. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come, the collapse/failure of another organization.

04.11.2018 13:45


Yes, like the Humpty Dumpty conspiraist, think, that the King had him pushed from off the wall.

03.11.2018 19:20


It’s elementary to most that she didn’t run away, I guess that leaves the latter.

03.11.2018 16:41


Yes, rumours then, and even persist today, from running away, to being murdered.

03.11.2018 12:04


It’s crazy to think that Trenny, and being close to her family like she was, would willingly disappear, and cease all contact for more than 40 years.

03.11.2018 12:01


Trenny was very special, her disappearance affected many. Some can still remember where they were, etc, when they first heard about it.

03.11.2018 00:50


I don't have much to add, except, I remember when this happened, I was in Junior High,never knew her, but meet people that did, the world lost a very special person, that day.

01.11.2018 14:29


Trenny and Robert we’re friends, yes. And Robert was a good friend of Trenny’s older brother, which is how she became acquainted with him. He was on the field trip that day.

01.11.2018 14:26


Yes, she would have had to known the person well in order to step off the trail for them. Or they made a noise to get her to step off trail to investigate.

01.11.2018 14:01


I heard or saw on another site, that her brothers best friend was also present that day, wonder where he was at the time.

01.11.2018 13:43


Must've been some one she knew, and trusted then, for her to go off the trail.

01.11.2018 13:24


Let’s put it this way. Someone got her attention strongly enough to get her to step off the trail. I don’t know if they made a sound, waves or what, but she was interested enough to go to the source

01.11.2018 13:15

Mountain Hiker

So, it wasn't intentional her idea to go off the trail, someone or something, was pressuring her, or escaping danger.

01.11.2018 11:24


Off-trail was a dangerous place to be. I’m not sure how the perp(s) got Trenny to step off the trail and go to them. They must have made a noise, someone waved at her or something.

01.11.2018 10:20

Mountain Hiker

The Smokies, staying on the trails, you would have single canopy, and depending on the trail, not much problems, but off grid, could encounter thick brush, double and triple canopy, and lose direction

30.10.2018 19:29

Wildcat 3

He must've had it bad, making advances with it pouring the rain, and in open country.

30.10.2018 19:24


Likely. But there’s only 2 people who know the answer to that for sure. We know where 1 of them is.

30.10.2018 19:19

Wildcat 3

So, she was alone with someone, and was being pressured into doing something, she wasn't ready for, or didn't want to do.

30.10.2018 19:01


I think it went down when she went off the trail. She may have had an inkling, maybe not. A lot of bitterness, anger, sprinkled with jealousy. And wanting something/someone that you couldn’t have.

30.10.2018 18:57

Wildcat 3

You think, she was under pressure, being pursued, or getting away from something, for her going off grid, like she did.

30.10.2018 18:41


It’s ridiculous to think Trenny was going to runaway from the field trip, she hadn’t been to the Smokies before, how would she arrange pickup, etc? And she didn’t take anything with her, either.

30.10.2018 18:35

Wildcat 3

I'm having a problem with this, her escape and evasion plan, was she going to lay dog, and try to walk out or what.

29.10.2018 19:58


Indeed, another teacher or a few parent chaperones. It would be ridiculous to think a few of the students wouldn’t sneak off with the lack of supervision.

29.10.2018 19:56


Would look like in his position as a teacher, he would've seen, he couldn't handle that large of student's, and in a open environment, a national forest, would've asked for another teacher.

29.10.2018 19:50


Dunlap did hike with the students, kind of bringing up the rear, etc. But there were 40 of them and only 1 of him. No way could he keep track of everybody, what they were doing, etc.

29.10.2018 19:45


True, but the teacher, where was he, in all this, was he over whelmed, with forty student's, or just fiddle farting around

29.10.2018 19:38


See or hear no evil. Trenny was off trail, and it wouldn’t take much to subdue a petite, 115 pound girl. I doubt she had a chance to make a peep.

29.10.2018 19:35


Yes, I seen several comments about the similarities between the two,and also, which I read the comments, no one seen or heard anything, which flies a red flag, to me.

29.10.2018 19:28


Yes, the both went missing from the same area, Trenny and Susan Clements. Some even commented that they looked similar. Susan was found in the Huggins Creek drainage. Trenny’s still stuck up there.

29.10.2018 19:24


Well I'm no genesis, my first time, never knew her story, until the missing hiker at Clingmans Dome, and several references made about Trenny.

29.10.2018 19:18


You’ve absolutely right. It was a cover story. One of the best kind, that has lasted more than 40 years. Heaven forbid that anyone would take it upon themselves to stop and think.

29.10.2018 19:13


You hit that right, going to runaway, with no money, no plans, no where to run too, would almost think it was a cover up story.

28.10.2018 20:06


No, she wasn’t sure of the destination. The one thing that always made me shake my head at Trenny’s case was the amount of people who believed that she had to go to the Park to run away.

28.10.2018 20:02


And one more, also she wasn't sure of the distinction of the field trip, so without any planning she went ahead and runaway. Makes sense.

28.10.2018 19:55


Short answer, No.

28.10.2018 19:50


Thank you, for your help, I'm new.Is it also true Trenny, participated in the field trip, and then went over the hill, later in the day.

28.10.2018 19:40


Welcome to the “Trenny Didn’t Run Away”, flock Stewie! Look forward to hearing more from you.

28.10.2018 19:35


After reading several websites, and publications, about Trenny, running away, I still can't understand with no money, or transportation, or articles of clothing, she bugged out.

28.10.2018 01:19


Trenny had the coat on when she vanished. She had the comb in the right hip pocket of her jeans and was really attached to it.

28.10.2018 00:08


One question,this is about her friend that was in possession of Trennys comb, I believe he's the same person that loaned her his coat, could the comb, been in a pocket, when she returned his coat.

25.10.2018 18:42


It would be great if some more of the classmates that were on the trip that day would post on here and enlighten us all.

25.10.2018 18:34


True, atmospheric conditions, plus topography can and will reflect and distort sound, but they're was witnesses that stated they were within feet of her at the time of her disappearance.

25.10.2018 16:04


Yes, puzzling, not no one heard a sound, might been atmospheric conditions that day, read when MT St. Helens erupted, that area's in close proximity didn't here a sound.

25.10.2018 11:15


But the problem, they tracked her to several locations.The tower, would be a ideal place, that service road, the Hazel Creek, and Appalachian Trail, are all near by, plus the time's are questionable.

24.10.2018 21:15


Hey Chuck , yes. good point about the tower. that where she was tracked too. With road there, She could have been taken that route .they heard nothing or seen nothing.

24.10.2018 13:41


He must have been stone deaf. They were hanging out in his patch, talking to Mary Jane.

24.10.2018 13:21

Weapon Brown

But remember, The Great Punkin, seen or heard nothing.

24.10.2018 11:59


If that’s where she is, her captors took an awful chance being discovered, unless she was put inside the room at the base of the tower.

24.10.2018 10:46

Weapon Brown

I always thought, Trenny, was located in or around the tower, on the North Carolina side, plus looking through the site, I didn't know of the room under the ramp, until I saw the picture.

22.10.2018 14:25


Yes. It would’ve been shrouded in fog, too. Weather conditions were in the abductors favour that night.

22.10.2018 14:20


Yes, but the tower, would've been a great place to hide someone, until the heat was cooled off.

22.10.2018 14:18


The caller with info about the creeks was not taken seriously enough. Nor was the fact that Robert had Trenny’s comb or the rumour circulating about her jewelry.

22.10.2018 14:15


Trenny’s scent was tracked to the base of the tower by several different dogs. As far as I can tell, the tower itself, like the observation deck, etc was never searched.

22.10.2018 14:09


I always wondered if it was close by the tower, on the North Carolina side.

21.10.2018 01:51


Yes, it was out of the search area, the cemetery. The actual tower on Clingman's Dome was not searched, either.

20.10.2018 22:28

Trek On

Yes, they do converge at the cemetery, plus I also believe that was out of the search area.

20.10.2018 20:11


I think it was a tip that definitely should have been explored further than it was.

20.10.2018 19:19

Gary 7

The FBI, apparently took the caller, as meaning water ways, but from a previous post, the West prong of the Little Piegoen, and Abrams Creek to meet, at the Old Sugarland Cemetery.

20.10.2018 16:13


Frog , were they talking about trails meeting or water ways?

20.10.2018 11:42


When I was in college, my roommate, who likes her dope, would talk about a girl from Knoxville. Don’t remember her name. She went missing in the Smokies, then was found murdered.

20.10.2018 11:15


Yes, and also gave a location, where two prongs meet, but apparently they was no follow up.

20.10.2018 11:07


I remember reading during the search for Trenny, the FBI, received a call, stating she was stabbed and raped.

19.10.2018 12:31


Yes, I’m sure that Trenny sleeps in the Smoky’s someplace.

19.10.2018 12:30


I hiking up last week come upon mound dirt with flowers round was werid looking .

19.10.2018 12:03

In Country

One interesting note, my wife and I was at a gift shop in Gatlinburg, and over heard a lady, telling the clerk see seen what looked like a grave to her.

12.10.2018 20:30


Yes, Trenny’s case is definitely full of both of those

12.10.2018 19:21

Lone Hiker

Ok, my bad, with all the theories, and rumours, around easy to get confused from fact to fiction.

12.10.2018 19:15


It was a psychic that said that they saw Trenny there, frozen in a sitting position. Lots of acorns on the ground in the area and squirrels running around.

12.10.2018 19:08

Lone Hiker

But the caller, also described a small cave, in the ravine where she was located, which they called a bear cave.

11.10.2018 19:32


Trails are what I think they meant, too

11.10.2018 19:24


Plus, the conditions that day, raining, maybe a wet weather spring close by.

11.10.2018 19:20


True, but could they've been describing two trail's, like the Abrams Creek Trail, as example.

11.10.2018 19:04


The caller said that she could be found where 2 creeks meet, but while the creeks are in the park, they do not meet at any point.

11.10.2018 18:25


The missing hiker, was found in Higgins Creek Drainage, probably a dry creek bed, reading the stories, of Trenny's, disappearance, didn't the FBI, receive a call Trenny could be in a ravine.

10.10.2018 02:21


I didn’t hear anything about jewelry found recently, I heard rumours years ago that the one of the classmates had some of Trenny’s jewelry in her possession. She was supposed to return it and didn’t.

09.10.2018 22:51


I heard the same thing ,but i heard they find jewelry that was old. Like rings, And there is markings on tree three trigngles in circle it looks very old .And they did close park extra day.

09.10.2018 14:43


Could be anything, could mean anything. I was hoping that something of Trenny’s had been found.

09.10.2018 09:35

Hiker Jim

I heard a similar rumour, old markings on a tree.

08.10.2018 18:59


Like what?

08.10.2018 16:23

1 Tango Echo

My wife and I , we're vacationing in Gatlinberg, this weekend, we over heard another couple talking, they mentioned that something of interest was found, beside the missing hiker.

08.10.2018 11:00

Sgt. Rock

"Your memory is my keepsake,with which we'll never part,God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart"

05.10.2018 21:35


There road beside Observation Tower.

16.09.2018 14:26

Ghost Rider

I've wondered if the Observation Tower, was used in Trennys disappearance, I know, the tower was never checked at the time, but another place a room that's under the ramp could've been used

06.09.2018 20:16


I’m new to this board, I attended Farragut around the time Trenny vanished. I’m a year younger than her. There were rumours of a white van in the parking lot at Clingman’s Dome.

06.09.2018 20:11


One big question, was any suspicious vehicles seen the the parking lot that hide someone, it would had to been a delivery van like vehicle.

06.09.2018 20:04


I wonder if there’s a way to find it if there was private property in the Park in that general area. Where they’d not run the risk of being on Park property and the repursussions. Need more info.

06.09.2018 19:59


Yes, that's why, that rumour, was the proverbial grain of salt, not sure if any service roads are in that area, plus federal land's.

06.09.2018 19:54


Trespassing on Federal Land is a serious offence.

06.09.2018 19:49


This is also interesting, they was a rumour, of a jeep, and a trail that was used, during her disappearance

04.09.2018 20:18


They didn’t move her immediately. She was held someplace 1st. My 2 cents.

04.09.2018 20:16

Trek On

If they used the AT, that would've mean taking her back up the trail, she got off of, they would've meet her classmate's coming down the trail, alerting them of a kidnapping.

04.09.2018 20:07


It’s thought that her captor(s) May have used the Appalachian trail to move her.

04.09.2018 20:05

Trek On

Plus, this was mentioned before, where Trenny, went off trail, was no where near the Appalachian Trail.

04.09.2018 20:01


There were broken twigs and ferns where she exited the trail.

04.09.2018 19:57

Wild Bill

True, but as Sarge, mentioned strange, my understanding, is where she exited the trail, lead to a bluff.

04.09.2018 19:51


Someone or something in the brush got her attention. That’s why she paused and looked at something, then seemed to go to the right. She was walking alone but had students in front of her and behind.

04.09.2018 19:48


But, the most strange aspects is that they were people that claimed ,they were mere feet from her when she disappeared.

04.09.2018 19:42


No, the park was probably relatively quiet. And who knows if many people even knew they (Bearden) were even going to be there.

04.09.2018 19:38


True, but remember, it was a school, and work day, so the park and the trails wouldn't be crowded.

04.09.2018 19:34


Why would someone leave the Park with her, necessarily? All kinds of places to stash a body right there as long as nobody stumbled across what you were doing. Or you could shut them up.

03.09.2018 22:01


I've heard both.

03.09.2018 20:55


I’ve heard about 1 or 2 of the girls having her jewelry, but nothing came of it. Or are you talking about other possessions?

03.09.2018 20:51

Captain America

One rumour, that persisted, for many years, was that they were person's wearing personal property of Trenny's.

03.09.2018 19:34

Wild Bill

Yes, I've read posts that mentioned that she might have ventured on the AT.

03.09.2018 19:28


She didn’t have the time to take any other trail, let alone travel. She was grabbed off the one she was on. I’d say she was dead within 30 minutes.

03.09.2018 19:18

Wild Bill

Since your correcting wrongs, the one about Trenny, getting on, or traveling the Appalachian Trail, If traveling South the next city would be Murphy, NC, If traveling North would be Bristol, TN

03.09.2018 19:16


No problem, Man. I think most people know how she disappeared. I’m just tired of the cover up is all.

03.09.2018 19:12


Yes, I understand, a lot of misleading theories out there concerning Trenny, that's why I posted to correct a wrong

03.09.2018 19:07


Ok, just checking. No patience for the “fell down a mine shaft, fell into a hole, fell off a cliff, or had an episode due to the medication she was taking for her foot”.

03.09.2018 19:04


No, just wanted to clarify, the area that Trenny, was hiking, from other site's I've read about falling into a shaft, I was just making the point that the Clingman Dome, was once farm land.

03.09.2018 18:56


You’re not one of those “Trenny fell into an old mining what, etc” theorists, I hope.

03.09.2018 18:54


Glad you mentioned that, one misconception's, is the Clingman Dome, area, was farming and grazing land, as far as I know, the mining was back towards the Pigeon forge, area.

03.09.2018 18:49


It made the Smokies a great place to hide a body, that’s what it was like.

03.09.2018 18:47


Yes, good point, Superstar, that storm, hit the whole region, can only imagine what the Smokies where like.

03.09.2018 18:41


Which in turn made it very easy for the perps to cover their tracks and obliterate any evidence of a crime. Lucky bastards!

03.09.2018 18:38


The weather, really influenced the search for Trenny, soon after her disappearance, was when the blizzard from the lake Lake's, hit.

30.08.2018 11:25


Happily ever after got skipped over as well. She sleeps in the Smokies, running away was just a cover story.

30.08.2018 10:47


Been reviewing the runaway theme, the only problem I see is it needs " *Once upon a time", in front of it.

18.08.2018 19:25

Donna Brock

I would like to know anything about Trenny's family. I went to church with Trenny was in her home often. Who is the author of this blog?

18.08.2018 20:57


That would be me. I don’t appear on here because I want this site about Trenny, not me.

18.08.2018 10:09

Mud Rat

Wishing Trenny, a Happy Birthday.

17.08.2018 17:10


Robert went tracking a bear, interesting. This truly a baffling case. No way she got lost. I visited the trail, no reason for her to leave the trail at all. She looked to the right and disappeared

17.08.2018 23:20


Looked to the right, stepped off and vanished into oblivion. Someone/something got her attention first.
As for Robert and the fabled bear, give me a break.
Thanks for commenting, Gianni!👍😀

12.08.2018 14:20


The scene must be set for what really happened that day, once and for all.

12.08.2018 12:52

1 step 2 step

Yes enlightening, make''s the scene more clear, not fiction, as it once was.

12.08.2018 12:13


Thank You, Tracker.

12.08.2018 11:52


Great site, Kudo''s, very precise information, and getting away from the theories that have persists.

10.08.2018 15:18


Pebbles, can you get your hands on a 1976/77,.Echo, look on page 191, bottom of the page, left corner.

10.08.2018 15:12


Oh look, Kids! Is this Mr. Gibby or equivalent?

10.08.2018 15:09


Pebbles, Are your familiar with the YouTube, smear campaign, the person that was interviewed.

10.08.2018 15:04


Like what? Could the students that worked in the office done something?

09.08.2018 19:04


Nobody. They’d get no place if they did anyway. Little did the principal know what skulduggery was going on in his school

09.08.2018 19:01

Blue Tick

Good point again, because who would question the principal.

09.08.2018 18:57


And unless you believe everything that you’re told, records can be altered, etc. We don’t know if the principal personally saw the suspect in school that day.

09.08.2018 18:55

Blue Tick

Yes, Good point, my sister was a office worker when she was at Bearden.

09.08.2018 18:50


That’s what the principal said. How can he be certain? Maybe he had a good “friend” doing the attendance records, the suspect.

09.08.2018 18:48

Blue Tick

Question, one of the suspects was in school that day, I believe the individual that broke into the Gibson's home, him being in school, how could they believe he was responsible.

09.08.2018 18:29


Theories, lies and rumours. Of course some of those students knew more, but it’s not for the telling.

09.08.2018 18:26

Thunder Road

No, that's the theroy, she was very mature for her age, shy, with a million dollar smile, she liked to read and very close with her family.

09.08.2018 18:22


I knew she worked at Morrison’s in the Mall. Seemed like a nice levelheaded young lady. I never thought she’d be the runaway type.

09.08.2018 18:19

Thunder Road

Yes, Trenny, set your goals early, she had been working at the West Town Mall, and saving her money too attend college, she was planning on studying to be a Architect, at UT at Knoxville.

09.08.2018 13:05


I wonder what plans Trenny had for when she graduated, if she planned to work or go to college, etc?

08.08.2018 14:44


That’s so true, and tells the others to be quiet, or dictates what it is they can say.

08.08.2018 14:42

Pellissippi State

Yes, I noticed that also, seems like one group has control.

08.08.2018 14:33


Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace. It seems like some want to discredit her.

08.08.2018 14:27

Pellissippi State

What would be great is if someone would post something positive about Trenny, instead of the one sided negativism.

08.08.2018 12:14


Yes, she’ll be 16 years old forever.

08.08.2018 11:54


Was looking at Trenny''s, remark in the yearbook, sad her last summer vacation.

07.08.2018 21:35

Mr. Bojangles

Some people don’t get past things well

07.08.2018 21:32

East Knox

Yes, does look very well indeed, plus with the home invasion issue, by a fellow student.

07.08.2018 21:28


Set up

07.08.2018 21:25

East Knox

Yes, very true, is like they was a time table used.

07.08.2018 21:23


You think she was ambushed earlier than that?

07.08.2018 21:21

West Knox

Also, from a previous post, the time's given, very questionable, exactly at 3:00, when she was heading back too the bus.

07.08.2018 21:14

Mr. Bojangles

More like someone stole it, and blamed it on someone else (holding onto it).

07.08.2018 21:11

West Knox

The fact that she would allow, I believe, the ring was a birthday gift from her parent's, someone else hold the ring, and not retrieve her ring back.

07.08.2018 21:04


And then what happened? Did she keep it? Was does that have to do with Trenny going missing?

07.08.2018 21:02

West Knox

Why I ask, is I heard an intriguing rumour, that a fellow student, was in possession of Trenny's ring, the story goes, Trenny, gave the ring too a friend, while she washed her hands.

07.08.2018 20:49

My. Bojangles

Yes, it is. They had to get her alone, then get her off the trail. If the kid(s) were involved, what was the motive?

07.08.2018 20:47

West Knox

One of the most intriguing aspects of Trenny's, disappearance, is did she know her kidnappers.

07.08.2018 20:42

Mr. Jingles

If the kid(s) could have been the ones to harm Trenny, how did they get her to go off of the trail?

04.08.2018 11:00

South Doyle

Just before Trenny disappeared, she seemed to be in a hurry, like she was trying to get away from someone or something.

04.08.2018 10:52


Yes, if it wasn’t for Simpson being her brother’s friend, Trenny wouldn’t have given him another thought.

04.08.2018 09:24


I would like to add the misconception, from the Disappearance''s in the Smokies, and Missing 411,.Trenny and Robert Simpson, wasn't dating, Robert Simpson, was a friend of Trenny 's bother Robert.

03.08.2018 19:22


Yes, very true.

03.08.2018 19:18


The smear campaign has gone on long enough. She should have been a bit more careful about whom she associated with, but she was not a bad person.

03.08.2018 19:16


True, I've meet people that knew Trenny, they said she was a very quiet and nice person.

03.08.2018 19:13


That was more HER behaviour than Trenny’s.

03.08.2018 19:11


That's the way she described her demeanor, hanging out with the wrong crowd.

03.08.2018 19:06


Yes, I did. Talk about trying to discredit someone and deflect attention from the REAL story. I hope they come and post over here. Wild as a buck? Where do you get that idea from?

03.08.2018 19:01


Pebs, talking about theories, did you see the YouTube segment of the Classmate telling Trenny, was wild as a buck.

03.08.2018 18:47


It’s ok, that’s just what’s wrong with this whole story, too many rumours, not enough hard facts. Trenny was too levelheaded to run away, and she wouldn’t have ran from there.

03.08.2018 18:45


I know, that's a rumour, Pebbles, didn't mean too fire you up.

03.08.2018 18:40


She DID not run away, dammit!

03.08.2018 18:39


Well, the uncertainty of the time, has been an enigma, the rumour was she met her boyfriend, and ranaway, but she participated still with the hike.

03.08.2018 18:35


OK. It would have had th have been earlier rather than later when she vanished, is that what you’re saying, Aldo?
Not saying you’re wrong, just elaborate on it a bit,please.

03.08.2018 18:35


Glad, someone else noticed that too.

03.08.2018 18:33

Dino Boy

Aldo, does have a good point, Pebs, it take them over 2.5 hours, from Bearden, to Clingman Dome, from what they say.

03.08.2018 18:29


You’re saying the time when Trenny was last seen is inaccurate?

03.08.2018 18:27


True, but they our going with the classmate's, stated time's, that has always been a question.

03.08.2018 18:23


Good possibility, Aldo. It was a job for more than 2, and 1 was on a field trip and had a time constraint.

03.08.2018 18:21


Since you two, are one the subject, the quiet rumour was that they both played a part in the disappearance.

03.08.2018 18:17


Maybe doing some collaborating. Schools aren’t perfect, maybe they were mistaken about Bowman being in school that day, October 8, 1976.

03.08.2018 18:15

Dino Boy

I heard, that him and Robert Simpson, use to hang out a lot.

03.08.2018 18:07


He had the students scared of him and willing to do anything for him.

03.08.2018 18:04

Dino Boy

The story around the neighborhood was he was drunk, or high, they was a rumour she was stalking Trenny, but was trying to find her brother Robert.

03.08.2018 18:01


It should have been sent higher. What a nut. Do you suppose he was there to rob the place or was it the girls he wanted?

03.08.2018 17:58

Dino Boy

He took away a souvenir, made of lead.

03.08.2018 17:54


Yes. So Bowman didn’t get a whole bunch for trying to break into the Gibson’s, did he?

03.08.2018 17:51

Dino Boy

Hey, Pebbles, you loaded and locked today.

31.07.2018 20:38


Can’t afford any stupid mistakes where they’re concerned

31.07.2018 20:35

Dino Boy

Ok, good to be careful, and cautious any more.

31.07.2018 20:31


Nobody wants a loose cannon or someone with loose lips. Especially that class. Too risky.

31.07.2018 20:27

Dino Boy

No, just cautious, mother Mcgue, didn't raise a cowboy.

31.07.2018 20:21


Guarded like the rest of the class of 76-77?

31.07.2018 20:17

Dino Boy

Yes, Didn't know whom I was talking with.

31.07.2018 20:14


Checking to see if I went to Bearden?

31.07.2018 20:12

Dino Boy

Ok, I was just making sure.

31.07.2018 20:06


Chess club for sure

31.07.2018 20:03

Dino Boy

What after school activity did he sponsored.

31.07.2018 19:58


Sure did. Best teacher ever

31.07.2018 19:55

Dino Boy

Pebbles, did you have Mr. Ensley.

31.07.2018 19:10

Dino Boy

Yes, he was healthy looking, opposite from his sister.

31.07.2018 19:06


So he went to lunch a lot and was well fed, lol? Yes, that was him.

31.07.2018 19:02

Dino Boy

I heard rumors, of such, he was a well feed, and yes I heard he take made trips to West Town, and lunch.

31.07.2018 18:56


You wouldn’t have been able to miss him if you’d seen him anywhere, one big dude. Pretty sloppy, too. But he had a car, and was willing to take you wherever you wanted to go.

31.07.2018 18:49

Dino Boy

I didn't know him that well, his sister Susan, was a year ahead of me.

31.07.2018 17:44


Simpson looks totally different now than he did back in those days, we’re talking more than 40 years after all.

26.07.2018 21:08


I heard that do. Could be weird or totally harmless.

26.07.2018 21:05

Dino Boy

My sister, said she heard that he took several on fishing trips.

26.07.2018 20:53


Johnson City was what I heard. I guess he used to ha dvout with some of the kids from Bearden when he taught there in the ‘70’s.

26.07.2018 20:51

Dino Boy

Wayne Dunlap, I heard a rumour back several year's ago, he was in Johnson City, or Jonesboro.

26.07.2018 20:44


It was alright, just smaller. I like the larger places. I think the old Bearden teacher that was on the field trip the day Trenny vanished lives there now.

26.07.2018 20:38

Dino Boy

Me too, we was there at the same time. Did you like Johnson City, the Mall wasn't nothing compared to West Town.

26.07.2018 20:32


ETSU for me. Class of 1985.

26.07.2018 20:25

Dino Boy

I bleed, Blue and Gold, I studied the Earth Science.

26.07.2018 20:21


Where did you go to college, major in?

26.07.2018 20:16

Dino Boy

Yes, several I forget her name, but was a friend of my big sister, her parents moved I think she went and graduated from Farragut.

26.07.2018 20:12


I think many of the kids that were on the trip that day came from that neighbourhood.

26.07.2018 20:09

Dino Boy

Yes, Rock Hill, was my home until I went too college.

26.07.2018 19:48


Wow! Saw a lot of action. My Dad drove a tractor all day. When he wasn’t on horseback.
You came from RockyHill?

26.07.2018 19:44

Dino Boy

He was a co pilot with the 134th, Air Refueling Wing, started flying the varient of The B-29 Superfortress, the KB-29 P, and then the KC 135 Stratotanker.

26.07.2018 19:29


Trenny may have carried your tray at one time, then. What did your Dad do at the airport?

26.07.2018 19:23

Dino Boy

Yes, my father was in the Air Guard, at McGhee Tyson, mom would gather us up, and meet him at West Town, at Morrison's.

26.07.2018 19:18


I thought she worked at West Town Mall at Morrison’s

26.07.2018 19:15

Dino Boy

Never heard she diid, just hung out with.

26.07.2018 19:12


Yes, better living through chemistry. I hope it was just the crowd that liked it, and she didn’t overindulge.

26.07.2018 19:09

Dino Boy

My older sister, knew Trenny, said she was a nice person and a killer smile, they was a mention of a crowd that liked the herb.

26.07.2018 19:04


Do you remember Tina well? Trenny seemed to hang out with a fast crowd, not sure if she was one of them or not.

26.07.2018 18:58

Dino Boy

Yes, never really knew Trenny, her sister Tina, was a year ahead of me in school.

26.07.2018 18:53


Cool, you remember them well?

26.07.2018 18:49

Dino Boy

I remember when this happened, the Gibson's lived a block over from us, remember seeing Trenny and her mother doing yard work together.

24.07.2018 13:34


UpNorth, Interesting you say that, I've heard similar stories.

02.07.2018 01:25


Could she have possibly been set up/attacked by a group of students & things went too far??

28.06.2018 20:35


I think the FBI questioned him about it

28.06.2018 20:27

Trek on

But also, he's the one that ran, when comforted by her parents, isn't he.

28.06.2018 20:23


Kind of a rumour, but apparently Trenny was missing but Robert had her comb. It’s either a giant red herring that comb, or the smoking gun.

28.06.2018 20:20

Trek on

Was he also in person that was in possession of property of the missing girl, a comb, or something.

28.06.2018 20:08


He said he was tracking a bear or something like that

28.06.2018 20:06

Trek on

Was he the one that was Near hunting, or something.

28.06.2018 20:02


A few groups of two, and Robert Simpson seems to have been alone. No one talked about hiking with him after Trenny did.

28.06.2018 20:00

Trek on

Question, was anyone else hiking alone, beside the girl.

28.06.2018 19:44


Don’t know where the teacher was exactly, and really, 1 teacher for 40 kids? WTF?
I just thought it was consensus she was gone

28.06.2018 19:38

Trek on

Also, read the post where the student's claimed the girl was gone, when back at the bus.

28.06.2018 19:33

Trek on

But, the question was posed before, where was the teacher, surely he didn't neglect his responsibilities.

28.06.2018 19:28


Only if it had two legs

28.06.2018 19:13

Trek on

Jinxie, wonder if something happened, a bear frighten her, or possibly a Timber Rattler spooked her.

28.06.2018 19:09


I guess none of them found it odd she was was walking so rapidly. And it’s not off to be a girl alone in the mountains?

28.06.2018 18:56

Trek on

Jinxie, true, from what I read she was with several other classmates, but whom claim that Trenny, choose to hike a lone, but they claim she was in a hurry to get to the parking lot.

28.06.2018 18:49


Yes, and they failed to protect her. They aren’t friends most people would want. Not many had much nice to say.

28.06.2018 18:46

Trek on

Jinxie, Remember when WBIR, open their investigation several months ago, and read the comments, I assume from Trennys, classmates most weren't very nice, and degrading.

28.06.2018 14:05


Looking back through old Bearden yearbooks on, there is no remembrance for Trenny, she’s not on the memorial page or anything. It’s like they don’t want to remember. Why?

27.06.2018 12:28


Wasn’t there some other teacher on that fiekd trip, like a student teacher? Does anyone know?

27.06.2018 12:26

Dialed in

Dirks girl80, Maybe so, put looks like he had to pay the talisman.

27.06.2018 12:15


Maybe the school skidded him after he lost Trenny in the mountains or he only had a contract to teach flower arranging for one year.

27.06.2018 12:11

Dialed in

College boy, I graduated from a different High School, but knew several from Bearden, the way I remember Mr. Dunmore, didn't return the next year.

27.06.2018 11:51


Maybe the school had to call their insurance company before notifying the Gibson’s.

27.06.2018 09:42

College boy

Yes, I read Trenny, missed roll call back at the bus at 3:30PM, and her mother was contacted from a school official at around 8PM.

26.06.2018 23:33


I know, a real staff full of winners. Wait 5 hours to notify the family.

26.06.2018 22:36


HEY , they did not call her mother or father about five hours later.

26.06.2018 21:40

College boy

The school possibility seen the teacher's mistake, made allotment to cover their track's.

26.06.2018 21:35


The teacher taught Ornamental Horticulture. Never mentioned hiking with the kids. Probably at a ranger station drinking coffee.

26.06.2018 21:31

College boy

And another observation, where was the teacher, why wasn't he with the student's.

26.06.2018 21:31


Never did make sense that theory. It seems to be what the assumption was, but if you think about it, it hardly makes any sense. Maybe the school was behind it too?

26.06.2018 21:27

College boy

The runaway rumour, doesn't fit or make logical sence, why planning to runaway, would you continue to participate in the hike.

26.06.2018 21:13


Total guilt. Total boredom. Who knows?

26.06.2018 20:58

College boy

Question, why would a person wait forty plus years, to resume a search.

26.06.2018 20:52


Imagine being dragged or frogmarched down it. They must have waited until dusk.

26.06.2018 20:49

College boy

Yes, that's it, spooky, and nightmarish.

26.06.2018 20:41


Is that like the pic on this site?

26.06.2018 20:37

College boy

Why I mentioned this, I saw a spooky picture on the internet, the trail the kidnappers, took Trenny, looks like the Hazle Creek Trail.

26.06.2018 20:32


There was a classmate commenting on a hiking site on FB about going to the Smokies around that same time to look for clues about Trenny. WTH, 40 years late?

26.06.2018 20:28

College boy

That's what I was wondering, caused much damage.

26.06.2018 20:25


Close to it I believe. Maybe it disturbed something

26.06.2018 20:17

College boy

Was that in or near the search area.

26.06.2018 20:14


Yes, around 2014 or do, I think

26.06.2018 20:11

College boy

The tornado, that hit the Western part of the park, that was down below Clingmans Dome wasn't it.

24.06.2018 19:09


Yes, if you went to Bearden in 1976 and knew Trenny, or were along on the field trip the day she disappeared, please comment.

24.06.2018 19:06


Any Bearden Classmate's out their.

24.06.2018 17:24


It was my understanding that it was a different guy, Trenny met him when she was working at Morrisin’s. He was a black man and several years older than she was.

24.06.2018 17:04


Didn't he get shot by her mom.

24.06.2018 16:58


It was a lot more than just a rumour. I knew him

24.06.2018 16:55


Dirks girl, that's only a rumour that's never been proved, A classmate was stalking her in her freshman year in High School.

24.06.2018 16:32


If Trenny took off voluntarily, what did you hope to find? I’ve been told she was dating a black man, a big deal in 1976, and was sneaking around so that her folks didn’t find out.

24.06.2018 16:30


Dirks girl, posibly she was last seen around 3PM, the kidnapper, would be pressed for time, might have made mistakes.

24.06.2018 16:26


You know, that's a great suggestion, if a group of people could go and retrace the girls movement's, might found something.

24.06.2018 16:22


Wanderling, are you saying that her resting place is marked somehow? How would you know that?

24.06.2018 16:18


Dirks girl, You could retrace the search area, for a any cairn, plus dial in on the area's out of where it wasn't searched.

23.06.2018 17:28


Sorry, Starbuck! I’ll try to behave.

23.06.2018 17:25


Can you two either get a room or stick to the subject, please?

23.06.2018 17:10


I'm always game, plus your local to me, we could meet at the mall, in JC, if you like

23.06.2018 17:05


Hidden Valley, Washington County. We should get together and check out the Sugarlands together, Sugar, if you’re game.

24.06.2018 01:56


Do you two really think going on a hike is going to turn up anything after more than 40 years? The search dogs, the park personnel couldn’t find her, what makes you think you will? She’s gone.

23.06.2018 17:02


Tennessee, a area called Chick Pen, you.

23.06.2018 16:57


Where do you hail from, Sweetie?

23.06.2018 16:50


Very, Lady Bugz, makes you wonder, about the whole incident.

23.06.2018 16:46


And isn’t it odd how the consensus among the students was that Trenny must have run off?

23.06.2018 16:44


I've wondered that myself.

23.06.2018 16:32


The timeline was always a grey area I think. It could’ve happened earlier than that.

23.06.2018 16:28


According to the Eastern Missing 411, book, the students were telling the teacher, the girl was gone when they reached the bus at 3:30 PM, whe is was discovered missing.

24.06.2018 01:48


Nobody saw Trenny after about 3pm. The teacher stated that he didn’t think Trenny was the runaway type.

23.06.2018 16:00

Tears 1976

Hi Boots

23.06.2018 15:58


Hi you all

23.06.2018 11:08


I know what you mean, it’s on the spur of the old Sugarland Trail, at the Sugarland Cemetary.

23.06.2018 09:50


Was the call, that mentioned the two water ways, the NPS, made a mistake wasn't the water ways, but the fork of Abram's Creek Trail, and the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River.

23.06.2018 09:44


I'm very familiar with the Clingman Dome, area, hike it several time's. The most interesting aspect, was the call the NPS, received about the girl's location

22.06.2018 21:58


Really? Elaborate, please

22.06.2018 20:29

Tears 1976

i think she was murder

22.06.2018 20:01

White tail hunter

Tears 1976, what do you think happened that day in the park.

22.06.2018 19:54


Welcome, Tears!

22.06.2018 19:46

Tears 1976


22.06.2018 19:29


Later in the relationship, she said Trenny,was still in the park she thought.

22.06.2018 19:25


How did you know. I just talked to my brother, his girlfriend was the Bearden Class of 1978, from what he said Trenny, runaway, and was later murdered.

22.06.2018 18:15


A Bearden girl? Interesting. Some of them seem too scared to talk about Trenny.

22.06.2018 18:11


I'll ask my brother, I should see him today, he dated a girl from Knoxville, I'll see if he remembers anything she said.

22.06.2018 18:08


Another one of the folks that think she was lost?

22.06.2018 17:32

Gary 7

Don't remember much, a picture of her, she was on a field trip I believe with her class and became separated, I think took the wrong trail, and became lost.

22.06.2018 17:27


What do you remember about her?

22.06.2018 17:21


I just found this site, I can remember some of this Trenny, got lost in the Appalachian trail, I was in grade school when this happened.

22.06.2018 13:36


I was right all along, it WAS your sister. Listen, Sugar- not interested in a pillow fight, this is a website devoted to a long missing girl, who fortunately never had the pleasure of meeting you.

22.06.2018 13:24


Th any you Elle Mea, for the input, and for your information she's already married.

22.06.2018 13:21


He's a writer, Jethro. Try reading a book or are you too busy dating your cousin?

22.06.2018 13:18


I'm from Tennessee, but no hillbilly, and this David Paulides, is he a singer, or what, never heard of him.

22.06.2018 10:57


Clearly some hillbilly that doesn't get out much. Are you literate enough to read any of David Paulides's Missing 411 books?

22.06.2018 01:03


Yes, I'm from Tennessee, I need to get out of the hollow where I live, and see what's over the next ridge,because I'm not the world traveler you are.

21.06.2018 23:21


Are you serious? You cannot possibly be from Tennessee and have not heard of the cases of Dennis Martin, Trenny Lynn Gibson and Pauline Melton.

21.06.2018 21:33


I've hiked those trails for many year's, never knew anyone l
got lost or missing on those trails.

11.06.2018 18:17


How nice to see a site about the disappearance of Trenny. So strange that she was never found. I wonder how well the students on the trip that day were questioned?

11.06.2018 17:56

Gary 7

I'll glad that a new site is up, I hope New and fresh information will come forward.